#KeepPlaying — Floor Hockey

Floor Hockey Pose

Sports Change Lives by keeping us moving and learning life lessons and academics with TGA year-round. Winter months remind us that hockey season has started, GO KINGS! While most of us cannot play on the ice with the professionals, we can all join in a game of floor hockey outside and have a great time.

Floor hockey is a great neighborhood sport, you can play in gym shoes, and all you need is a small ball, hockey sticks, and perhaps some protective gear for your goalie (a baseball catcher’s mask, and gloves are good alternatives). It is a great sport that can be played on virtually any hard surface, in a cul-de-sac or even a driveway.

Keep your family playing and start up your own neighborhood floor hockey game outside! Remember to keep it safe, absolutely no contact, no checking, and no high-sticking! Floor hockey improves eye-hand coordination, agility, balance, and promotes good communication among teammates.

 #KeepPlaying encourages all members of your family to try new sports and make sure to stay active year around.