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ADDvantage Magazine Honors Black Level TGA Students
3rd August 2018

In case you missed it, almost 400 TGA students were featured in the July issue of USPTA’s ADDvantage Magazine for reaching the black level in TGA’s tennis enrichment program. This is an awesome accomplishment for these students — it signifies dedication to the game, a deep understanding of the fundamentals of tennis, and that they’re ready for match play.

We spoke to a handful of students who made the list about their experience playing tennis and reaching the black level with TGA. Check out some of our favorite responses below.

What does reaching black level mean to you?

Sarah Douglas County

“It’s a big accomplishment for me because I’m pretty little and I worked hard to get there.” – Sarah

“It means that I can now play against a good coach and actually win!” – McKenzie











What’s your favorite part of TGA’s programs?

“Learning what you have to do to do better and improve your skills. The coaches are also really nice.” – Emilee (pictured right)

“I love playing matches with other students and it makes me happy to reach black level at a young age.” – Liam










Do you want to continue playing tennis?

“Yes! One day I hope to be a professional tennis player!” – Andrew

“I am very proud of my accomplishment. I have spent a lot of time working to get there and I want to keep playing for a long time until I grow up.” – Mila











The skills and lessons learned as these students advanced through TGA’s enrichment program have positioned them to be leaders on and off the tennis court. They may have reached the fifth and highest level of our enrichment program, but they’re just getting warmed up and we can’t wait to see where the sport takes them.

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