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Lesson Spotlight: Instant Rally Progression
10th November 2018

By definition, a rally in tennis is the exchange of shots between players. Sounds simple, right?

Well, in the early stages of a tennis player’s development starting a rally can be one of the toughest things to accomplish. With the help of our TGA coaches and a few drills, beginner students continue to work toward being able to rally.

Starting with objects like bean bags or foam tennis balls, students work to toss the object back and forth to each other, alternating forehand and backhand. Our coaches gradually add racquets to this sequence, allowing students to learn and grow at his or her own pace.

While these lessons may not look like the students are ‘playing tennis,’ they are learning how to control the height, distance, and direction of the ball which are essential to progressing as a player. Eventually, both players can add racquets to begin hitting the tennis ball back and forth without having to catch and gather after each hit.

Hitting the ball over a net to your partner is the next step in achieving a rally and the start of something that eventually turns into a tennis match. Our coaches work in games and activities along the way to make this sometimes along the way to make this sometimes difficult process fun for the students. However, developing racquet skills, movement, and body positioning are all crucial components of working toward the ultimate goal of a rally.

All your child needs to practice at home is a racquet, tennis ball, and a window-free wall. Use tape or chalk to create a square target at least 3.5 feet off the ground for them to hit at, simulating the height of a net.

If you come home to too many dents in your garage door, click here to locate one of our tennis programs near you 😉.