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Lesson Spotlight: Putting
2nd November 2018

There’s an old saying in golf: Drive for show, putt for dough.

Translation? The driver may be the most exciting club in a golfers’ bag, but the player who can putt the best will find themselves near the top of the leaderboard more often than not. It’s a concept that TGA coaches try and reinforce to students no matter the level.

Every TGA golf class is equipped with putting mats for the kids to practice straight putts from various lengths. Putting stations are utilized in class to help students get a feel for the swing and develop strong muscle memory. Different variations are then added to the station, such as cones placed underneath the mats to demonstrate break or slope, as well as combining two mats to create one looooooong putting drill.

As with every TGA program, golf classes are always concluded with a group game. One of the most enjoyable games for kids to team up together is ‘21‘ or ‘Unlock the Levels.’ With distances labeled on the putting mats at 3′, 5′, and 7′, the students earn points depending on what distance they make a putt from. The first team to 21 points, or make 21′ in putts, wins! unlock the Levels is similar, requiring students to make a certain amount of putts from each distance before they can unlock the next distance. This forces students to get in a good habit of starting with shorter putts before tackling the longer ones.

There are a variety of ways to practice putting at home using items around the house. A good place to start improving putting stroke is lining up two books on the ground, leaving only enough room to move the putter head back and forth between the objects. Eventually, a golf ball and target can be added to help visualize an on-course putt.

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Jack Nicklaus“No matter your scoring goals, you can attain them faster by improving your putting.”
– Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus