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18th January 2019

Ultimate has gone from a fun game at recess to popular collegiate recreational game to what is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Played with a flying disc, or more commonly known as a FrisbeeĀ®, Ultimate combines running, throwing, catching and so much more to create a simple and easy to understand game for everyone.

The object is simple: score more points than the other team. In order to achieve that goal, players must work together and communicate to get the disc into the end zone. What’s unique about Ultimate is that you can throw to a player in any direction, just as long as the thrower stays stationary.

In the beginner programs with TGA, the rules may be modified to help kids learn more while having fun, however the basic concept remains the same. For example, there’s no defense played on the thrower, a catch is rewarded if the frisbee hits the receiver’s hand, and if nobody catches the disc, the player closest to it gets possession. Ultimate is also a game played without referees, so themes such as sportsmanship, integrity, and respect are a major focus for our coaches.

We use our same station-based approach and fun games to develop fundamentals as well as teach more advanced STEAM concepts such as gravity, spin, and aerodynamics.

If you want your child to be part of a fun and fast non-contact sport, Ultimate may be the perfect choice. Learn more about what programs we offer and get playing today!