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Spring Cleaning Priorities: Dust Off Those Sneakers and Come Play with TGA!
2nd April 2019

That’s right, it’s time to come out and play with TGA so you can shake off all the rust that built up over the winter!

One of the many things students learn across all of our programs is respect. That lesson can cover a variety of things, including each other, the equipment and even the fields we play on. Without the wonderful facilities at our disposal, we wouldn’t be able to play the sports that we love.

This year, Earth Day is April 22. However, we encourage everyone to take time every day to clean up after yourself and each other to make sure we keep our parks and recreational facilities looking beautiful and clean.

Let’s get out there and enjoy the sports we love. Click here to find a spring programs we’re sure you’ll enjoy:

“My kid loves TGA and the fact that it is at her school makes it very easy on me as a parent.”
– TGA Parent