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#KeepPlaying this Thanksgiving
25th October 2019

In November many of us think about Thanksgiving and football! We challenge you to ‘Keep Playing’ and get your family active this Thanksgiving after your meal, and in-between football games.

If your child has gone through a TGA flag football program, then let them lead the way! All you really need is a football, and something to mark the endzones, like cones. Be creative if you don’t have cones — use towels, buckets, stack a few sweatshirts, shoes, even 2-liter of soda bottles would work!

The field size can be whatever space you have available. If it is simply four of you, two-on-two, then you really only need a small yard. If you are hosting Thanksgiving and have 20 people who want to play, you may need to borrow your neighbor’s yard! If you were able to plan ahead and purchased flag football bets with the flags, then you are all set. Instead of using flags, your game could be two-hand touch (when running with the football your opponent has to touch you with two hands to stop the play).

For safety reasons remember that players should not dive to pull a flag and tackling is not allowed. We suggest that the quarterback does not run the ball and if necessary, remove rushing the quarterbacks to allow more time to throw. You are allowed four downs to get across midfield, then four downs to score a touchdown.

TGA of Gwinnett County chapter director Tenesha Davis shared, “Flag Football is a great sport for the entire family because everyone can play, regardless of age or skill. It is non-contact, requires very little equipment and is a great opportunity to get everyone moving. And best of all, it is a sport that can be played at any level, whether your family is super competitive or just likes to get outside and play.”

The most important thing to remember is have fun and keep playing! If flag football is not a good fit for your family, play tag, volleyball, or kick the can! Create memories and new traditions this holiday season. #KeepPlaying!