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Parents, don’t let extreme weather drive you crazy!
4th November 2019

By Lisa Gillet

Parents, don’t let extreme weather drive you crazy!

Whether it is 110 degrees outside or the cold and rainy season in the north, it usually means that kids are spending more time inside, and let’s be honest parents, that means they are going to be driving us crazy!

We want to keep them active by doing different things and while we love every minute of it, it is always a challenge. For example, when they want to make crafts – it consists of making a mess with a thousand little pieces of paper to clean up not to mention the dried glue and glitter that now adorns the kitchen table, and chairs. Or maybe they want to get out the play-doh where you may face mass hysteria when you accidentally mix the colors! If your kids are old enough, they may want to play video games, don’t even get me started on the number of times you may hear, “I am so lagging.” If they simply want to watch TV, you are one of the lucky ones, but let’s be real, your kids cannot watch TV for 6 hours a day, at least not every day.


The challenge is real trying to keep our kids active when they come inside, TGA can help! Sign them up for one of the TGA after school programs or camps to keep them moving. TGA coaches and programs are able to alter the curriculum according to location, space, weather, size of class, and much more. A little weather can’t stop TGA coaches from offering a variety of sports; cheerleading, flag football, floor hockey, golf, lacrosse, tennis, ultimate, and volleyball.

The best thing about TGA is that our kids will be active while in a monitored setting with coaches who have been trained in youth sports. Our kids will have fun and want to keep going back — which as we all know as a parent can be a big part of the struggle. As a busy family, the convenience that the program begins right after school, at school is amazing! The parent taxi is only needed on the way home, perhaps allowing for a quiet cup of coffee… not likely but one can hope!

Click here to find the closest TGA program to you and keep the fun going all winter long.