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It’s the New Year, time for resolutions
1st January 2020

By Lisa Gillet


Be honest, when was the last time you made a New Year’s resolution and stuck with it for the whole year? If you are anything like me, the answer is NEVER!

New Year’s resolutions usually begin with the best of intentions, but phase out after the first few months. I was thinking about my past resolutions, and noticed that they were all about me. Lose 10 pounds, work out more, or eat healthier. As a working mom and wife, I thought perhaps if I tried a family resolution, I might be more inclined to follow through. I decided to try out my theory this past year, and can report that it was mostly successful! 

Benefits of Playing Sports

The first thing to note is what ‘our family’ New Year’s resolution was… to spend less time on our screens, which included phones, tablets, and TVs. The husband and kids were on-board, albeit a little begrudgingly.

Picking the resolution was actually the easy part, putting it into action is always the challenge. What were we going to do in lieu of screen time? Knowing my family, activities that got us moving and playing would be more successful for my crew. Although bringing out the board games like Life, Clue, Monopoly, and Battleship were wonderful ways to spend time together. I wanted to think outside of the normal ideas. Since everyone in my family likes to be active in one sport or another, attending some local sporting games was a good place for us to begin. 

We are lucky enough to have several minor league teams near us, including baseball, softball, soccer, and hockey, making tickets a little more affordable. Even if you don’t have any minor league teams nearby, everyone has high school teams, and they probably need more spectators! The kids can get close to the action and feel the excitement. I have to admit, a surprising side-effect to these excursions was that my kids became very motivated to try a new sport!

Thankfully, we can keep that affordable as well with TGA. Depending on your closest TGA chapter you may be able to sign up your kids for cheerleading, flag football, floor hockey, golf, lacrosse, tennis, ultimate frisbee, or volleyball. For now, I have one child trying out tennis — she got hooked when we went to watch a friends’ daughter compete in a high school tournament — and my son is determined to get on the ice once he plays a few sessions of floor hockey.

Between the sports outings and TGA sessions, my kids love to show off their new sport’s skills and encourage us — the adults — to see if we can do what they can! Their enthusiasm is contagious and has prompted the entire family to play more outside, engaging with each other, and spending less time on screens… Resolution deemed a success!

Share with us in the comment section below and if your resolution involves less screen time and more game time, we have the programs for you! Click here to find the closest TGA program to you.

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