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Player Pathways Success Story
6th January 2020


TGA success stories are different for every child in the program; from playing a sport for the first time to moving through the programs and competing in high school. Every success story invigorates the TGA mission to combine athletics, academics and life lessons in a fun, affordable youth program. For nine-year-old Jake, his TGA pathway has taken him from lessons at school to the golf course with his dad.

Jake from Long BeachJake, from Long Beach, CA has always enjoyed playing miniature golf and showed interest in wanting to learn about the sport. Before taking him to the driving range, his parents thought it was best to get him some instruction. As a working mom, options are sometimes limited to what is available for scheduling. However, TGA’s after-school programming was a perfect fit. Jake’s mom enrolled him in the local TGA golf program this fall. “My son really enjoyed the after-school clinic you had. He can’t wait to do it again! The best part is now he and his father can go to the driving range!” she reports.

Now that Jake has started to learn about golf, it is another activity where he can spend time with his dad. Jake’s mom continued, “Golf is something that is more one on one time. They have time to chat and talk about something, or nothing. Doesn’t matter what the topic is because this is just time for them to spend together and really a great father/son bonding activity.”

Jake has participated in one golf session thus far and is looking forward to signing up for another. He was very excited to go the driving range with his dad and hopes to play golf at the course in his near future.

Jake from Long Beach

TGA is the leader in youth sports across the country and we strive to combine academics with sports to encourage kids and families to Keep Playing!®

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