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Lessons at Home: Golf Chipping Activities
27th March 2020

Are you ready to play? Keep reading for activities you and your junior golfer can do at home to up your golf games! Before you get started, make sure to warm up to prepare your bodies for physical exercise.


Before you move on to ACTIVITY 2: TIC-TAC-TOE, prepare by reviewing GASP and the basics of the chip shot.

What will happen to your chip shot if you swing the club all the way back to 11:00?

You will overshoot your shot! 


Watch Coach Robin demonstrate how you and your family can play “Tic-Tac-Toe,” and don’t worry, this activity can be played with or without golf clubs. You can play using a soft object, like a pillow or a balled-up pair of socks, as long as you use the same chip shot motion as you would with a club.



A golf course is made up of a series of holes, typically either nine or eighteen. The lengths of the holes, penalty areas, and challenges differ hole-to-hole and course-to-course. Click here to see all of the parts of the course.


Check out our set of interactive quizzes — parents, you can do these too. Scores are tallied from TGA families across the country so study up!

Beginner Quiz

Amateur Quiz

Professional Quiz


  Science: Click here to discover how the chip shot uses spin to give you an advantage.
  Technology: Click here to see how the design of a golf club helps with chipping the ball.
  Engineering: Simple machines are found everywhere. Click here to learn how they help us with everyday tasks and see where you can find them in your home.
  Art: Draw a picture of a golf scene and color it in. Send in your junior golfer’s picture to or upload it to your preferred social media platform using #ArtWithTGA to share with our community.
  Math: Click here to download our math “Letter Hunt” challenge that focuses on addition and subtraction. See below for three conversion questions.
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In golf we respect our opponents, ourselves, and the course. Players are responsible for self reporting rule breaks.

Three ways to demonstrate respect when playing golf are:

1) Make honest rule calls.

2) Remain quiet when others are taking a shot.

3) Repair the course and leave it clean.

Can you list two ways you can practice respect at home?




If this was fun and valuable, we encourage you to share with your friends and neighbors.

  • Gill says:

    This was always the shot I had the most fun practicing when I was a junior. If you can chip well, then you are definitely on your way to eliminating those double bogeys and to giving yourself more legitimate chances to make par.


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