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Lessons at Home: Golf Roundup
12th May 2020

In case you missed them, we compiled a few of our favorite activities from our golf Lessons at Home series below.

TGA coaches use the hands of a clock to visualize how far you should typically swing for certain shots. Click on each clock to review the corresponding swing lesson.





1) Why did the golfer carry two gloves?

2) Why are computers so good at golf?

1) In case she got a hole in one!

2) Because they have hard drives!

“Unlock the Levels” is one of our favorite putting activities. The objective is simple: complete the five progressive putts to win. You must complete each level in order and cannot progress to the next level until you achieve each putt.

Start at level 1 and work your way up until level 5. See who can finish in the least amount of strokes and vary the distances to make it more or less challenging.


Test your golf knowledge with our interactive trivia quizzes.

Beginner Quiz

Amateur Quiz

Professional Quiz


  Science: In golf, your memory recalls the physical motions of swinging the club, distances clubs hit the ball, and the layout of the course just like a computer does. Click here to play our “Find the Pairs” game to train your memorization skills.
  Technology: Click here to view a timeline of the development of the golf ball.
  Engineering: Simple machines are found everywhere. Click here to learn how they help us with everyday tasks and see where you can find them in your home.
  Art: Click here to get creative and plan your own golf course! Try to fit in all 18-holes and make sure to include tee boxes, greens, hazards, and other fun elements. For inspiration, click here to take a virtual tour of the world famous Augusta National Golf Club.
  Math: Can you complete our patternbingo, and maze worksheets?

HONESTY is when you speak the truth and act truthfully! In golf you must be honest when you play your ball where it lies and mark your score.


PERSEVERANCE is when you don’t give up! One way to improve in golf is by setting goals, like “today I will hit five balls in the air.”


LEADERSHIP is when you take responsibility and inspire others through your actions. 



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