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Lessons At Home: Golf Chip Shot
13th October 2020

TIP: Keep your swing smooth by imagining you are sweeping the floor with the club head.

Golfers carry different clubs in their bags to handle different types of shots. Driver and woods are used to hit the ball the longest distances, irons for middle distances, and wedges for shorter distances. They also must carry multiple shots in their bag of skills, including our topic for the day: the chip shot.

The chip shot is an important shot to practice, as it is commonly used and requires finesse. Luckily for those who want to practice at home, it’s a perfect swing to work on in your living room and/or yard.

We use the hands of a clock to visualize how far you should typically swing for certain shots. For the chip shot we aim to swing between 8:00 on the back swing to 4:00 on the follow through.

Beginners: Focus on the motion of the swing by grabbing a soft object like a pillow or balled-up pair of socks, holding it like a golf club, and tossing it at a target on the ground.

Intermediate/Advanced Golfers: Step it up a level by grabbing a partner and creating a tic-tac-toe board on the ground. Take turns chipping shots into the squares and play a game of tic-tac-toe!



Now, to really get your ball rolling, we’re bringing you a spin themed STEAM activity! Click here to discover how the chip shot uses spin to give you an advantage.