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Lessons At Home: Tennis Forehand
21st October 2020

Practicing groundstrokes in tennis is key to becoming a fundamentally sound player. These shots are executed after a ball bounces once on the court, and have many offensive and defensive uses, like aiming for a cross court diagonal shot to make your opponent move.

The forehand groundstroke is when a player swings the racquet across one’s body with his or her dominant hand with the hand moving palm-first. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated — it’s the most natural shot for players and odds are you have seen this shot in action plenty of times if you have watched a tennis match. Take a look at the ‘stroke steps’ diagram below and then watch our ‘Four Dot Forehand’ video for a fun way to practice this essential stroke at home.





(can be done with our without a racquet!)

Beginners: Repeat the six stroke steps slowly and deliberately. Focus on moving low-to-high throughout the stroke and brushing up on the ball on the TURN and IMPACT steps. 

Intermediate/Advanced Players: Step it up a level by focusing on swinging through the ball and turning your belly towards the target on IMPACT and returning to the ready position after a HIGH FINISH.

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