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Celebrating National STEM Day
2nd November 2020

You’ve probably heard about STEM by now from the news, your child’s school, your job, or even us at TGA. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Every November 8th we get to celebrate these topics during National STEM Day.

Sports offer an ideal lens to make these concepts more relatable to children. Our coaches introduce STEM ideas throughout class to help kids better understand the sport they’re playing. Topics such as spin and force (science), keeping score (math), and equipment design (engineering), are broached organically throughout stations and games. By asking questions, we challenge our students to solve problems and encourage them to think about how these concepts apply to world beyond sports.


In golf, your memory recalls the physical motions of swinging the club, distances clubs hit the ball, and the layout of the course just like a computer does. Click here to play our “Find the Pairs” game to train your memorization skills.


Ball machines help us practice hitting in tennis and catching in flag football when we don’t have a partner available. Click here to learn about the technology and engineering behind these helpful machines.


Did you know a racquet has around 38-feet of string? Click here to learn how a stringing machine works and to see if you can string your own racquet.


Click here to download our TGA bingo game to see who has the highest score in the family!