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27th April 2021



TGA Coaches are an integral part of the success of every chapter! We are forever grateful for their dedication, fun ideas, and endless amounts of enthusiasm working with your kids. If you have ever wondered how our coaches feel about working with your children, here are some of their experiences.


Coach Crystal, TGA Bergen & N. Westchester, NY

“There is no other feeling quite like teaching young athletes. Helping them further develop their natural stamina, determination, discipline, dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills not only in competition, but in life is the best thing about coaching at TGA.”


Coach Peter, TGA Bergen & N. Westchester, NY

“What I like most about coaching for TGA is that the coaches work well together, and they are all very nice. I like that they blend in learning with the fun, so the kids have a great time. The best part of the job is to see the excitement of all the children when we show up. I’ve only been here one month but every child I’ve asked if they are having a good time, they have all said yes.”


Coach John, TGA Bergen & N. Westchester, NY

“What I like the most is the look of amazement and excitement on the faces of the kids when they hit a great shot in golf or tennis. I like when they say, ‘coach, did you see that last shot?’ They are so excited and proud that they accomplished something that they didn’t think they were capable of doing.”


Coach Rob, TGA Long Beach

“Teaching for the TGA team, I’m part of a youth development partnership with families and their kids. Golf teaches important life lessons such as sportsmanship, fair play, respect, doing your best, and even STEAM concepts. Kids are getting exercise outside and learning and playing a fun sport that will last their lifetime. This is a great role for anyone who wants to make a difference in a kid’s life.”


Coach Tim, TGA Long Beach

“I love working with the kids and introducing them to the wonderful game of golf! I enjoy working for TGA and find great passion coming into work each and every day. Seeing the smiles and laughs on the kids’ faces when we are playing games or helping others achieve their goals! I cherish every day I get to work here!!”


Do you have a niece, nephew, or a neighborhood teenager, that may be looking for a summer job? TGA Chapters are located across the country and are looking for coaches. Visit to find a chapter in your area and contact the owner for opportunities.