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Lesson Spotlight: Golf Formats
30th August 2021



Golf is often thought of as an individual sport, but there are many formats to play as a team that your entire family can experience together!


The most common team game is a ‘Scramble’ that works with two-person teams. Each person hits a tee shot, and then the players decide which drive they like better. The two players both hit their second shot from that spot. The players pick which is the best second shot, and both hit from that location for their third stroke and use this same method until the ball is in the cup.


‘Foursome’ play is a match where two golfers from the same team are paired up to compete against two golfers from the other team. Each team plays one ball, and the golfers take turns hitting until the hole is complete. Players alternate hitting tee shots, with one leading off on odd-numbered holes, and the other hitting first on even-numbered holes. The team with the low score on each hole wins that hole. If their scores are tied, the hole is halved.


‘Four-Ball’ play is a match where each member of a two-player team plays their own ball. Four balls are in play on each hole. The lowest score from each team will be the score for that team and the team whose player has the lowest score wins the hole. If the low scores are tied, the hole is halved.


These are the most common golf team formats and are great to play with kids who are just starting out and may not quite be ready to play 9 or 18 holes on their own ball. This fall you can see the professionals play these formats (minus a scramble) in international competitions! The women’s event is called the Solheim Cup, and will be contested on Sept. 4, in Toledo, Ohio. The men will vie for the Ryder Cup on Sept. 24-26, in Kohler, Wisconsin. Both events are compiled of a U.S. team versus a European team.

The Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup competitions will be televised providing a fun opportunity to watch along with the family!

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