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“Tales from the Tour” Featuring TGA Athlete Ambassador Danny Guise
19th May 2022




Welcome to our first Tales from the Tour segment featuring our Professional Athlete Ambassador Danny Guise!

Each month we will be recapping the tournaments he is playing in across the country as well as asking questions to gain key insights into life as a professional golfer.

Email with a question for Danny, and we will be selecting a few each month for him to answer.

Thanks and Keep Playing!®


Danny’s May 2022 Event Schedule



Simmons Bank Open Monday Qualifier

Dickson, TN T(34)
5/4 – 5/5 GPRO TOUR:

Nashville Challenge

Nashville, TN T(35)

Visit Knoxville Open Monday Qualifier

Knoxville, TN T(25)

AdventHealth Championship Monday Qualifier

Kansas City, MO T(27)
5/19 – 5/21 GPRO TOUR:

Biggs Classic

Hertford, NC

NV5 Championship Monday Qualifier


Rex Hospital Open Monday Qualifier



1. What has been your favorite moment on tour this month?

I would say my favorite moment on tour this month off the golf course was going to Nashville. That’s a great city with awesome food and a cool atmosphere so I always love playing there to experience that.

My favorite on course moment was holing out for Eagle during one of the rounds in Nashville. It still doesn’t top making a hole in one during competition in Dallas, TX last month though!


2. What is your go to meal before a round of golf?

I usually like to keep my dinner pretty light the night before tournament rounds, so I’d say my two favorite go-to meals would be a salad with grilled chicken and salmon with veggies. I do always have a high protein breakfast before every round though that consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, and oatmeal with fruit (and lots of water to get my body hydrated before I start).


3. What do you keep in your golf bag and does it change when you play different courses?

I always have my specifically marked golf balls, a few golf gloves (including a rain glove), plenty of tees, quarters used for marking my ball on the green, water bottle, bandage tape, umbrella, two towels, and a range finder.

Now, the items in my bag that change from week to week is my yardage book for the specific course that week where I take my notes in and a few clubs that I interchange.

I have 15 clubs that I bring with me each week (14 is the maximum amount of clubs you can use in competition) because I have a 3 wood, 5 wood, and 2 iron. Out of those three clubs, I choose which two I want for the specific course layout and course conditions (wet, dry, soft, or firm) based on my practice round that I play before the tournament on the course.

For example, if it’s firm and fast I may put the 2 iron in and take out the 5 wood, but if it’s soft and wet and I need the ball to carry farther in the air I’ll take out the 2 iron and put the 5 wood in the bag.

Lastly, I ALWAYS keep 3 tees in my pocket at all times (superstition, I guess).


4. How do you keep up with practicing while traveling for tournament play?

I always do my traveling a few days before the competition so I can make room for practicing for the event. I always workout before my tournaments as well to make sure my body is ready for the upcoming week.

Once you get to this level, you need to be good at time management so you can get everything you need to get done pre-tournament and be ready to go come the first round.


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