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Coach of the Year

Our people are the backbone of what we do, we are searching for those outstanding individuals whose dedication and influence help make our communities and brand better. If one of our team has impacted you, your child or helped you reach a goal this is your chance to say thank you. If you believe you have made a difference or one of your colleagues please take a few minutes to complete our simple online nomination.

Our Coach of the Year award is given to our top people who have made a positive impact through the TGA values. The top coaches in each category will be awarded with an all-expenses paid trip to the TGA annual summit in La Quinta, Palm Springs. All our nominees will be recognized. Applications for nominations are now open until October 1.

2017 sees expansion of our Coach of the Year program to three categories.

  1. TGA Golf Coach of the Year
  2. TGA Tennis Coach of the Year
  3. TGA Team Sports Coach of the Year

The award will be given to coaches who have made outstanding contribution to TGA in each category.


  • August 1st 2017 Coach of the Year announced and nominations open
  • October 1st Nominations closed
  • October 16th Shortlists released
  • November 1st Winners released


Winners will join the TGA summit at the beautiful La Quinta Resort in December. Runners up will receive prizes and recognition.

Qualifications for Applicants

We are looking for coaches who may have impacted players, made a difference in the community, supported colleagues, or helped to drive the TGA brand. Have you or someone in your team:

  • Delivered quality player focused programs
  • Demonstrated innovative ideas and practices in coaching
  • Shown consistent TGA values championing the brand with customers, and community partners
  • Supported the team, coaches, and others to develop and run great programs
  • Created resources to help TGA run more efficiently
  • Made a difference to a player above and beyond the TGA program

Who Can Nominate Applicants

Coaches can be nominated by anyone with the form link:

  • TGA Chapter Owners
  • Colleagues
  • TGA Customers or Students
  • Themselves


Be an active coach at the time of the summit (December 2017)


To nominate for coach of the year simply take a few minutes to complete the online form.

Fill out my online form.

Previous Years

2016 Coach of the Year Winners