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Coach of the Year – 2016

Congratulations to all of our nominees! Individually you have shown an excellent grasp of how to be an awesome coach and collectively you have made the TGA team proud. We couldn’t ask for better role models for the students you reach.


2016 Tennis 1st Place Winner

Anastassiya Zherdeva – Douglas County

2nd Place: Cameron Hines – SCTA
3rd Place: Erica Mainer – Greater Seattle
4th Place: Drew Klein – Bergen County
5th Place: Brian Solik – Wake County
6th Place: Christine Kostainis – Bergen County
7th Place: Richard Mills – Bergen County
8th Place: Tina Ward – Durham County
9th Place: Rich Goldberg – Rockland County

2016 Golf 1st Place Winner


Paul Johnson – Greater Seattle

2nd Place: Nick Lico – Southeast Michigan
3rd Place: Kimber Stange – SCPGA
4th Place: Stefan Korienek – Silicon Valley
5th Place: Jake Fredericks – San Diego
6th Place: Michelle Psilos – Southwest Pittsburgh
7th Place: Bagger Dean – Greater Seattle
8th Place: Jennifer Kowalczyk – Souteast Michigan
9th Place: Will Reigadas – Beach Cities
10th Place: Raymond Mistarz – SCPGA


Coach of the Year
All Expense paid trip to TGA summit in Orlando
$50 Amazon Gift voucher
Commemorative Award
Certificate of Recognition
Media acknowledgement and HQ Newsletter announcement
Opportunity to develop and host breakout session at the Summit
Website announcement

Finalists (places 2 through 5 in each sport)
$50 Amazon Gift Card
Crystal Achievement Award
HQ Newsletter announcement
Website announcement

Runners Up (places 6 through 10 in each sport)
Certificate of recognition
HQ Newsletter announcement
Website announcement


2016 Nominees list

Ralph Blessing (Northern Westchester, NY)
Chad Brundy (Coachella Valley, CA)
Karen Crisp (Wake County, NC)
Kathleen Crossley (Central San Diego, CA)
Tammy Crump (Wake County, NC)
Kevin Dooner (Rockland County, NY)
Gary Dunigan (Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties, TX)
Sarina Eckhardt (North Houston, TX)
Arrianna Estrada (Arapahoe County, CO)
Jake Fredericks (Central San Diego, CA)
Richard Goldberg (Rockland County, NY)
Joseph Guise (Southern Westchester, NY)
Cameron Hines (SCTA – San Fernando Valley, CA)
Luis M Jimenez (Southern Westchester, NY)
Kathy Karste  (North Bay, CA)
Drew Klein (Northern Westchester, NY)
Jay Koelbl  (Austin, TX)
Stefan Korienek (Silicon Valley, CA)
Christine Kostianis (Bergen County, NJ)
Mark Kruis (Bergen County, NJ)
Ron Lampman (London, Ontario, Canada)
Nick Lico (Southeast Michigan)
Garrett Loftin (Wake County, NC)
Dalaney Lopez (Southern Oregon)
Arnoldo Lopez (Tucson, AZ)
Ricky Luciani (Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada)
Ruben Martinez (Coachella Valley, CA)
Sean McGuire (Placer County, CA)
Richard Mills  (Bergen County, NJ)
Raymond Mistarz (North County San Diego, CA)
Cooper Morrison (Mercer County, NJ)
Wesley Oaties (Beach Cities, CA)
Lawrence Pangilinan (Placer County, CA)
Danette Parr (SCTA – San Fernando Valley, CA)
Michele Psilos (Southwest Pittsburgh, PA)
Will Reigadas  (Beach Cities, CA)
Ronnie Seeley  (Los Angeles, CA)
Matt Silver (Conejo Valley, CA)
Brian Solik (Wake County, NC)
James Sombathy (Austin, TX)
Kimber Stange (North County San Diego, CA)
Craig Summey (North Orlando, FL)
John Taylor (Gwinnett County, GA)
Bagger Dean (Greater Seattle, WA)
Heidi Vehmas (Bergen County, NJ)
Alain Vu (Los Angeles, CA)
Tina Ward (Durham County, NC)
Jill Wheatley (San Antonio, TX)
Anastassiya Zherdeva (Douglas County, CO)