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We believe sports change lives!

Teach, Grow and Achieve with TGA

Golf and tennis promote fitness

All programs include physical activity and muscle development

Golf and tennis are educational

Many lessons use math and science including scoring, distance and shot making

Golf and tennis build life skills

Our programs promote respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship

Golf and tennis are life-long sports

Play with family, friends, colleagues and clients

Swing, volley, and serve!

Discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA

Drive, chip, and putt!

Discover how fun and exciting golf can be with TGA

TGA of Coachella Valley

We Believe Sports Change Lives

TGA introduces the life-long sports of golf and tennis at a young age through programs that provide a fun and enriching experience for children while being a convenient and affordable option for parents. Our dedicated coaching staff help students develop their skills and a passion for golf or tennis while using the sports as a vehicle for delivering curriculums that are loaded with educational concepts including STEM and life skills such as respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship.

TGA stands for: Teach, Grow, Achieve – these concepts are the foundation of every program we offer. We invite you to give your child the advantage of learning and playing golf or tennis in an environment that will benefit them for a lifetime. To find the program that is the best fit for your child, check out our program details or click on the Sign Up Today button to view locations and schedules.

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Customer Testimonials

Rated 10/10 by S. C. on June 3, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"Coaches encourage my son to do his best"

Rated 10/10 by H. E. on June 1, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"Coaches were great! The kids (6yrs & 7yrs old) loved the program - both Tennis & golf!"

Rated 10/10 by M. S. on May 8, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"It gives all Children in the Schools provided the opportunity to learn a new skill or better their skills they already have. Thank you,"

Rated 10/10 by J. P. on May 8, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"I really like that my son likes it. He wasn't interested on sports or had been at any before. This was his first experience with sports. At the beginning I was skeptical because I did it see that much interest on him. He was just like "ok I need to stay for tennis" but no exitiment. When the first season was over, I asked him if he wanted to keep going and he accept to go the next. and he just kept going. But this last session on April he was really asking when is going to be tennis?. Now I see that excitement on his face each day he stays he talks how much he likes to play with the kids and couch. Plus the snacks He gets. To me that is rewarding and I just want to say that you are awesome. And thank you to the couches for the patience they have with every kid. And for making fun every class I can see that my child is really envolve and he enjoys been there."

Rated 9/10 by K. G. on April 25, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"The boys both received individual attention and help. They really enjoyed the golf coach and her son. It was a great spring break camp experience."

Rated 10/10 by P. C. on April 20, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"All staff very friendly & helpful"

Rated 9/10 by h. l. on April 7, 2017

We Asked: "What do you like about our services?"

"My son's having fun to play and learn."

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