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TGA Premier Junior Golf - Afterschool Enrichment
TGA Premier Junior Golf – Afterschool Enrichment

Mark King admits he’s been part of the problem. As the CEO of TaylorMade Golf he’s been an industry insider for the last two decades, and with insiders leading the game some estimates have golf hemorrhaging participants at a rate of approximately 500,000 to a million people a year.


“People who play golf once a year, they still play once a year,” King says. “But the people who play all the time, that’s who we’re losing. And the even bigger number is in the 18-34 demographic, where participation has declined by 30 percent. That means we don’t have kids coming out of high school and college playing golf. If that trend continues, fast forward twenty years when all the Baby Boomers are extinct, who’s going to play golf?”

Click here to see how TGA proposes a solution to the decrease in participation in golf.

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