Forward Thinking: Joshua Jacobs and TGA Premier Junior Golf

To get a new generation of youths hooked on golf, Josh Jacobs knows that getting them on the golf course is crucial. But travel, green fees and time, as all players know, can be obstacles.

joshua-jacobs-e1454092496343-134x150“So I thought of a different approach,” said Jacobs, whose solution was to bring the golf course to them, so to speak, by visiting schools with innovative equipment and methods to grab their attention.

Out of that idea came TGA Golf, an after-school program that integrates golf instruction and academics. Now in its 14th year, TGA has grown to 62 chapters in the U.S., two in Canada and one in Spain.

“More than 530,000 kids have experienced TGA Golf. We’re currently in 2,800 schools, community centers and golf courses,” said Jacobs, the president of TGA Golf, which is headquartered in El Segundo. “Over the next five years we forecast we’ll have 100 chapters and will have had 1 million kids in the program.”

Click here to read the rest of Southland Golf‘s profile on Joshua Jacobs, who was included as one of┬átheir 2016 Front 9 honorees. These 9 individuals were chosen for their course innovations, lesson plans, youth initiatives, educational programs and for being able to get people involved in and playing golf.

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