Student Union: The USTA and TGA Have Partnered Up to Help Teach New Players

When Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro became the executive director of the United States Tennis Association’s Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA-MAS), she focused on creating a culture of innovation to inspire new tennis players. But after partnering with school districts and homeowner associations to implement USTA programs in underserved communities, in-school programming still lacked.


Then, TGA—Teach, Grow and Achieve—Premier Youth Tennis came into play.

As one of the leading school-based youth tennis development models, TGA offers a strong infrastructure and curriculum. In March, the Reston, VA-based USTA-MAS acquired the TGA “Master Franchise” rights and launched the new program in the district of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and eastern and southern West Virginia.

“We felt that this initiative combined with our curriculum structure and their methods were a great collaboration to really present a curriculum that anyone would be able to enjoy,” says Joshua Jacobs, the CEO and founder of TGA. “This program increases our probability of transitioning students from these schools to the next step.”

Click here to read the rest of Tennis Magazine‘s article on TGA Premier Youth Tennis and USTA-MAS.

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