TGA Brings the Golf Course to the Classrooms

“That was awesome!” Yells five-year-old Luka, after sending his golf ball slowly down the putting mat, right into the hole. He runs over to receive a high-five from Colin, his golf instructor, and another one from his best friend, Matt.

“Coach Kyle! I got the ball into the net seven times!” screams six-year-old Gracie, jumping up and down with excitement.

These young students, at an elementary school in Atherton, California, are playing golf, even though it’s raining and 45 degrees outside. That’s no problem because the cafeteria is working just fine for their TGA (Teach, Grow, Achieve) after-school golf program, and this group of kids from five to nine years old is involved and having fun.

The students are using custom fit TGA junior golf clubs, synthetic turf mats, training aids, targets and limited flight golf balls. The balls, about a third of a normal golf ball’s weight, simulate the true trajectory of a real ball while making the program safe indoors or outside.

Click here to read the entire TGA cover story in Junior Golf magazine’s July issue.

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