School(s) of Golf

The Future of the Game is Found in K-8


“Indoors or outdoors, we have a station-based curriculum that is as much about academics as it is about sport. We’re an extension of the classroom.”

– Joshua Jacobs, TGA Founder


Without golfers, there is no golf: They will pave paradise and put up parking lots and cellphone towers. But not if TGA (Teach Grow Achieve; founder Joshua Jacobs has anything to say about it. Jacobs saw that soccer and T-ball were alive and well in the schools, but that golf was a mere afterthought, especially for younger students.

That was back in 2003 when TGA was founded, ultimately more than half a million (ages 5 to 16) and more than 3,300 participating schools, community centers, and golf courses ago.

“Golf always needs to reach future generations,” said Jacobs of his TGA-related eureka moment. “Plus, over the past decade we saw the economy dropping off, the Tiger Woods era ending, and an increase in the number of golf courses that had closed rather than opened. We needed incubators to grow the number of players so the game could survive and even thrive.”

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