Golf in the School Cafeteria – Of Course Says TGA

The fastest growing junior golf program in the industry is bucking the mainstream trend of how to grow participation. By vesting local stakeholders to grow golf through a unique youth sports franchise model, TGA is growing faster than industry programs such as PGA Junior League (33,000), Youth on Course (18,000), and Drive, Chip, Putt, and at the same time becoming a significant feeder program into each of them.

As schools across the country welcome the return of students, TGA Premier Golf (670,000 participants to date) will be front and center with over 55,000 youngsters ages 5-12 registering this fall for its school based golf enrichment programs. Among those registering, 65-70 percent or their millennial parents have never played golf before.

“TGA (Teach Grow Achieve) Premier Golf fills a void in the industry by delivering introductory programs and bringing the sport directly onto school campuses while solving junior golf’s primary barriers to entry: accessibility, cost, time, transportation and fun,” CEO Joshua Jacobs said.

When TGA in was started 2003, their model was contrary to the industry beliefs of how to grow the sport. The industry relied on philanthropic, volunteer or charitable endeavors where the norm was to provide free golf programs for primarily lower socio-economic demographics.

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