Youth Sports Organization Serves Up Tennis In School Cafeterias

Youth sports programs need not exist outside of the classroom — they can thrive right alongside it.

TGA Sports, which stands for “Teach, Grow, Achieve,” is a youth sports franchise company that specializes in before- and after-school enrichment tennis programming. The innovative group uses unconventional spaces — cafeterias, hallways, gyms, multipurpose rooms, and classrooms — to bring sports, like tennis and golf, to 90,000 students nationwide.

TGA’s tennis program is unique in how it brings introductory tennis programs directly into schools with a franchise model that operates in more than 40 markets across the country, including Southern California, the Southwest, and the Mid-Atlantic. Parents pay a fee (ranging from $79 to $199 for 4-12 weeks of instruction) for their kids to participate, and TGA provides all the equipment necessary to learn the sport. Some scholarships are available to offset costs through the organization’s foundation.

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