Maximizing Efficiency with New Business Infrastructure

TGA can help you build YOUR own community-based youth sports business giving you the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss and impact your community. We continue to develop our infrastructure to stay in line with the latest market trends and industry standards, allowing owners the chance to share their passion for sports while changing lives. Our programs are uniquely set up to provide age-appropriate equipment at any location; making playing sports accessible to all kids!

Franchise Business Review
Franchisee Satisfaction has led to TGA being named one of “Franchise Business Reviews” Top Franchise Opportunities Three Years in a Row

Progressive Curriculum: It all begins with our award-winning curriculum — a progressive program teaching skill development, life lessons and academics to kids ages 4-15. Aligned to the U.S. Olympic Committee American Development Model (ADM) our programs focus on maximum play time and ability appropriate challenges.

The benefits of sports don’t stop at skill discovery and physical activity. Our programs teach sportsmanship, leadership and perseverance through etiquette, growth mindset methodology, and goal setting. Using sports as a vehicle for learning, we introduce academics through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to help our kids understand the world around them. Individual achievement and a focus on FUN maintains challenging programs inside an exciting environment every time a kid returns. Our unique Student Handbook brings together all our program elements in a take home book every student can use to continue learning and playing. It’s also an on-hand resource coaches can use to reference lesson plan materials while on the job.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. “Being in the corporate world for 18-years, traveling a lot and dealing with the stresses of corporate life, I was attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit, the flexible work schedule, and the great work-life balance of TGA. You know the phrase ‘work to live or live to work?’ You want to make sure you’re on the right side of that and that’s what I feel TGA provides.” — Sean Rivera, TGA of Southern Westchester, NY

    The TGA business infrastructure provides the road maps and resources to help you develop and manage your business efficiently. A strong support system, including an annual planner guiding you through touch points throughout the year, online training guides on how to navigate our back-end systems, and a designated business-development representative are in place to make sure you get required information and timely help when needed.

  2. Staffing is streamlined from application to coaching, making it simple and efficient for you to onboard new coaches. Our online training suite teaches the values and behaviors of a TGA coach, class management, and the structure of our program in addition to a library of resources to help deliver quality programs. The TGA class structure can be applied to all eight sports, minimizing training time and allowing you to offer more coaching opportunities to your staff members.
  3. From triggered emails to blog posts and social media channels, TGA offers automated yet customizable marketing systems helping you efficiently connect with your consumers on a local level using professionally designed templates. Our multi-channel marketing initiatives make it simple to attract and retain customers, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. Initiatives include:
    • Monthly newsletter and blog post templates
    • A robust email campaign system that allows you to segment distribution lists and automate triggered marketing messages
    • Dynamically generated flyers, handouts, and certificates are available through your back-end customer-relationship management (CRM) database
    • In-house design team for custom marketing collateral
    • Consumer feedback surveys are automatically sent out after every program ends via Listen360
    • Quarterly newsletter communications from the TGA headquarters to a system-wide distribution list
    • Comprehensive progress report system allows for customized messaging on a participant-by-participant basis

You can learn more about TGA’s business model as well as how to get started by filling out an inquiry form. In the meantime, listen to the history of TGA from CEO Joshua Jacobs himself on his recent appearance on the PGA TOUR Radio’s “Inside the Ropes” radio show.

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