Will the Tiger 2.0 Era Spur Golf Participation?

American Golfer recently interviewed TGA Founder and CEO Joshua Jacobs about growing the game initiatives and the “Tiger Effect 2.0.” Click here to read the entire interview and see below for the introduction.

A Conversation with TGA Premier Golf Founder Joshua Jacobs

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Of all the nationwide programs dedicated to sustainably growing golf participation, one of the most consistent and compelling is TGA Premier Golf (TGA). TGA, founded in 2003 by entrepreneur and former college golfer Joshua Jacobs, is on pace to enroll its ONE-MILLIONTH student in its dynamic in-school and after-school enrichment and camp programs by the end of 2020.

In the fall of 2003, while helping his little sister choose her after school programs, Jacobs noticed golf was not on the menu of activities offered to elementary students. He recognized an opportunity to develop an innovative program that could introduce youngsters (ages 3-13) to his favorite sport. Powered by a breakthrough PhD-developed curriculum and the passion of its 125 franchise owners, TGA has seen sustained growth and has become the leading delivery system for introductory and recreational junior golf programs nationwide.

TGA recently completed a $750,000 curriculum and business infrastructure investment to streamline operations and help facilitate local franchise and golf participation growth more efficiently. It also lays the foundation for future expansion strategies across the TGA system including 50-75 new franchises and increasing the number of programs from 7,200 to 15,000 by 2021. TGA currently has 128 franchises in 75 markets across 28 states.

Jacobs has become one of the golf industry’s leading experts on growing participation in the sport. He was named one of the Top 40 most influential people in golf under 40 by GOLF Magazine and was recognized as one of golf’s “Innovators” by Golf Inc.  He served on PGA of America’s Golf 2.0 Player Development Board, the Southern California PGA’s Foundation Advisory Board and the Player Development Board. He is also an associate member of the PGA of America and a member of the World Golf Foundation Advisory Board.

We caught up with Joshua Jacobs to talk about the success of TGA’s business model, how it impacts the sport, and how the golf industry could position itself for a “Tiger Effect 2.0.”

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