TGA Premier Golf grows game from within

TGA was recently featured on The Equipment Insider, where author Dan O’Neill covers how TGA is growing golf. See below for an excerpt and click here for the full article.

TGA Golf Putt

You can’t beat good golf equipment — missile-launching drivers, forgiving irons, hole-seeking putters. Today’s technology and applications are dedicated to making your game better. There’s still one hitch, however. You have to have a game, or at least an interest in developing one.

In short, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a swing.

The most valuable tools you can have to play golf are commitment and know-how. That’s where TGA Premier Golf comes in, a golf enrichment program that has reached 75 markets across 28 states.

Entry-level golf initiatives like TGA Premier Golf and the USGA’s First Tee chapters demonstrate lessons to be learned from the game. They provide initial exposure, teach rules etiquette and integrity, preach golf as a conduit for life lessons, then transition them to national programs like PGA Junior League and Drive, Chip & Putt.

What makes the TGA model different is it teaches kids how to also grow within the game, and how to embrace it long term.

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