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TGA’s Youth Sports Delivery System

One of the most common questions we receive from individuals interested in the franchise is “how do I generate revenue with the business?”  TGA’s business model offers multiple revenue stream opportunities that provide a “player pathway” for customers to grow with your business.

Parent-funded Extracurricular Activities

Average spent per child per year on extracurricular activities
(source: Activity Hero)

Partner with Schools and Community Centers to Conduct Enrichment Programs

  • Franchisees are equipped with training and resources to form partnerships with pre-k, elementary and middle schools as well as community centers and other family oriented facilities to conduct multi-level sports enrichment programs.
  • Partners provide marketing channels to their school or membership community to promote weekly classes for 6-10 week sessions, 3-4 times per school year.
  • The convenience of time and location appeals to parents who register their children for a flat-rate fee.
  • Top-notch curricula and thoroughly trained staff help students develop skills, knowledge and a passion for the sports while professional materials and communications throughout the session provide a superior customer experience for parents.
Superior Customer Experience

Net Promoter Score of 75%, industry average is 40%.
(source: Listen360)

Retain Customers Through a Player Pathway of Programming Options

  • The next step is to utilize the resources and expertise TGA provides to partner with facilities such as golf courses, tennis clubs, community centers or parks & recreation departments, to offer additional programming options including play days, camps, leagues, and family events.
  • Each of these programming types represents a step in TGA’s Player Pathway that helps guide our families through the journey of learning and playing sports.
  • Franchisees are supplied training and resources to market these opportunities to existing and new customers.
  • Convenient formats and schedules fill a programming void in many markets and appeal to parents.
  •  These types of programs typically demand higher price points and have higher profit margins so they are an essential building block on the TGA business.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

  • In addition to providing a play book for acquiring and retaining customers, TGA also provides tools and resources that generate additional revenue streams from these customers.
  • Years of experience have provided insight on valuable amenities and resources that can improve the customer’s experience with our programs.
  • Marketing and technology tools allow TGA franchisees to up-sell these services, merchandise items and programs at the point of registrations, taking advantage of impulse purchases that account for an estimated 40% of all e-commerce spending.
TGA's Email Automation Tools Drive Revenue

Segmented email campaigns drive 760% increase in revenue compared to bulk emails.
(source: Campaign Monitor)

A TGA Franchise Sets You Up for Success

You will be able to start changing lives through sports right away because we’ve already solved the startup challenges for you. Click the icons below to explore all the premier tools, training, and support you will have to help grow your business and your impact when you join the TGA family.



TGA provides everything you need to train your coaches and run great programs that will keep customers coming back. Our proprietary curricula were developed in partnership with education experts as well as the governing bodies of sports and the United States Olympic Committee. We combine athletics, academics, and life lessons into programs that keep our students’ bodies and minds active in a fun and progressively challenging environment that aligns with the principals of the American Development Model (ADM).

Quality coaching helps drive our students to achieve their athletic potential and discover valuable life lessons like perseverance and sportsmanship. We’ve also created unique resources like TGA’s Student Handbooks which help our athletes explore STEAM concepts through the sport they’re playing. A station-based format allows mixed-ability groups to learn and play together, helping you maximize class size and quality. Plus, our program structure is uniform across all eight TGA sports, making for a simple and practical transition for athletes and coaches between sports.

Training & Support

Training & Support

TGA’s franchise onboarding program includes multiple training components on all facets of the business to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the business model. Ongoing support initiatives and resources empower every owner to achieve the highest level of success.  Highlights of TGA’s training and support include:

  • Sales, management, and business training in your territory
  • Curriculum, marketing, and human resources training at TGA HQ in Los Angeles, CA as well as the ability to view classes
  • Virtual training sessions with TGA HQ staff and video tutorials on all systems
  • A dedicated Business Development Expert to provide guidance and support
  • Ongoing support on all aspects on your business from the TGA HQ team
  • A network of dedicated chapter owners who communicate and collaborate regularly
  • Annual Franchise Summit featuring educational seminars, networking and social events
Marketing & Technology

Marketing & Technology

TGA franchisees are setup for success from the very beginning with a host of marketing and technology tools and resources that help maximize profit and efficiency.  TGA’s marketing and technology arsenal includes:

  • Mobile and search engine optimized (SEO) website powered by a WordPress® content management system
  • Mobile optimized ecommerce shopping cart powered by ConfigioTM
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system that includes an email marketing portal pre-loaded with branded templates and automated communication tools
  • Staff management and video training portal to streamline human resource tasks
  • Marketing template customization portal to produce high quality, branded collateral
  • Digital marketing resources to promote your programs online including social media channels
  • Digital document library containing all brand materials and business resources
  • Automated customer feedback system powered by Listen360TM to keep you informed
  • Multiple dedicated email addresses for your business powered by RackspaceTM
Grants & Scholarships

Grants & Scholarships

The TGA Sports Foundation is a 501.c3 non-profit organization that supports opportunities that make sports accessible to all children.  TGA franchisees are able to apply for grants and scholarships from the TGA Sports Foundation to increase their reach and impact under-resourced areas in their territory.  Franchisees are also empowered with tools to leverage the TGA Sports Foundation to conduct fundraising events in their community.

Start-Up Package

Start-Up Package

New TGA business owners also receive a start-up package that includes:

  • Equipment package valued between $900-$1,300 per sport consisting of supplies needed to run your first 5 schools.
  • Stationary package consisting of business cards, envelopes and letterhead and branded business items.
  • Two sets of instructor uniforms, four shirts and two hats in total.

Initial Investment

$5,000 - $42,000
Initial Investment
*Depending on your exclusive geographic territory's population and median household inclome.
$1,000 - $2,000
Travel Expenses
*Travel expenses for training at TGA headquarters (all other initial training is included).

Fixed Operational Costs

Royalties on Gross Revenue
No additional 2% advertising fee
Monthly Registration/CRM, Website, and Email Fee
Customer registration portal and relationship management system (CRM), website content management system (CMS), and branded email accounts.
$200 - $800*
Annual Marketing Template Fee
Covers the creation of new digital and print collateral templates.
*Depending on the number of sports programs offered.
Annual Franchise Summit Fee
Includes all training sessions, networking events, and meals during the 3-day summit.

Variable Operational Costs

Variable in Relation to Business Volume
Only Incurred When Operating Events

With low overhead and no brick and mortar build out, TGA’s model is cash flow friendly as most expenses are variable. Some of the variable costs include:

  • Program marketing materials
  • Coach wages
  • Equipment
  • Student prizes and giveaways
  • Insurance on a per student basis