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TGA Premier Junior Golf is a youth development program for PK-8th grade students. TGA conducts a five level after school golf enrichment program that takes place primarily at elementary schools and youth centers across the U.S. TGA's curriculum was created by golf professionals and education experts to include lesson plans that are fun, safe and educational. TGA’s program can be conducted indoors or out, on concrete or grass, year-round by utilizing fields, blacktops, gyms and even hallways. As students matriculate through the five level program, TGA provides opportunities for them to apply the skills they’re learning at their schools to the golf course through transition programs such as TGA camps, tournaments and clinics at partner golf facilities. TGA then gets the whole family to get involved through mom classes and parent/child events.

All TGA programs serve as an extension of the classroom by incorporating the following components:

  1. Golf instruction that is age-appropriate, effective and retainable
  2. Character development lessons through our initiative "Play the Fair Way with TGA"
  3. Physical education and fitness
  4. Rules & Etiquette lessons utilizing our custom 2 Hole Teaching Aid
  5. Academic lessons in math, science, history and English

Every TGA student gets our custom-made Student Handbook that includes all of these lessons plus interactive activities, skills challenges and notes. TGA provides all necessary equipment, including multiple sizes of junior golf clubs that properly fit kids ages 3-16 and an innovative practice ball that is safe for schools but flies like a real golf ball. All TGA instructors are certified through an extensive training program.


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