Temperatures are Cooling Off but TGA Sports Classes are Heating Up - Los Angeles
Temperatures are Cooling Off but TGA Sports Classes are Heating Up

We are all familiar with this exchange:

Parent: “So what’d you learn at school today?”
Child: “Nothing.”

We want to make sure all of our families are aware of the many valuable skills and life lessons students are learning in TGA’s Golf and Tennis Enrichment Programs, so we’ve implemented a post-class summary and progress report that will be conveniently delivered to your inbox a few days after the class. The summary will provide details about the specific skills and lessons that we focused on with your child during the session depending on which of the five levels they were in.

TGA classes are meant to be a fun break from the often monotonous daily school schedule so instead of using a typical grading system, we’ve adopted the proficiency scale below for evaluating students’ progress. Instead of generic letter grades, we are utilizing empowering terms that encourage growth. On top of covering your junior player’s technical abilities, each TGA class includes “enrichment components” that teach students about academic concepts and life skills through the sport. We include these elements as part of the student progress report because we believe it is important to foster our students’ success both on and off the course.

Contact losangeles@playtga.com if you have any questions and check out our list of upcoming camps so your youth sports player can encounter new layers of instruction and knowledge to keep them engaged while developing their skills and passion for the sport through our Player Pathway.

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