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"I strongly encourage your school to offer TGA's programs to your students. Your students will not only benefit from the introduction of a new sport, but will also enjoy participating in a sport that instills honesty, integrity and dedication."
Nikki Gatch
SCPGA Foundation Director
SCPGA Assistant Executive Director
Posted : 1-24-2011
"TGA is introducing more children to this great game of golf and is teaching them the life-skills of confidence, patience and focus while having fun. As a female golfer, I'm also excited to see more girls get into the game! If only TGA had been around when I was young..."
Nona K. Footz
Foundation Board Member
Executive Women's Golf Association
Posted : 1-24-2011
"The TGA golf program has been a wonderful addition to our school offerings. The instructors have been excellent with all of our students. They are organized, professional, and consistent. We would love to continue this program throughout the school year."
Jill Young
Krambrooke-Griffin Academy, Michigan
Posted : 1-24-2011
"My son Casey was involved in your after-school golf program last year at McAlpine. He thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to that day. I feel he learned new skills as well as improved on ones he already had. The coaches were very enthusiastic, and the kids seemed to respond to them in a positive manner. Unfortunately, he was unable to participate this year because of a scheduling conflict, but hopes to pursue it next year. Thanks for a great program, and I also liked the convenience of having it directly after school, it cut down on travel and transportation."
Enrichment Program Parent
Charlotte, NC
Posted : 1-24-2011

"Quinn's experience was top notch. It was his first experience with golf and he and I have been playing (or at least hitting balls) every week since camp ended."

"Besides the fact that it may have been the first time I saw him with his shirt tucked in, it was nice to know that your camps emphasize the etiquette of golf which he took to so effortlessly. Quinn has grown in numerous ways as a result of your camp."

"Quick story: As we were leaving the house to play for the first time together at a par-3 course, he asked whether I planned on playing in a t-shirt, I "gulped" and said "of course not" and quickly went upstairs to change to a collared shirt (I can't believe this is my son). While on the course (walking down the 7th fairway) he looked at me and said "Dad, this is great, I love you, thanks for playing golf with me." As you can imagine, it was my pleasure...a moment I won't soon forget."

"Thank you for running such an instructional and fun loving camp. I'm hopeful that he will keep up with the sport and fully expect to enroll him again in TGA."

Barry Edwards
Summer Camp Parent
Los Angeles, CA
Posted : 1-26-2011

Hello Sherman,

I just wanted to let you know that Kyle was an excellent coach during camp. Jordan had a great time and I appreciate how he coached and dealt with the kids.

We hope to see him again.

Thank you,


Lisa Baughn
Summer Camp & Enricment Program Parent
Petaluma, CA (North Bay)
Posted : 8-2-2011
The best thing I can say about the golf lessons is that the children were excited to do it each day. I love that it is an exposure to a new sport and for those that do miniature golf if teaches them what "true" golf is all about. They are using new vocabulary that many of them did not know i.e. chipping, putting, etc... I love the program and if I am able to, I would like to include it next year.
Thank you,

Bonnie Faller
TLC Pre-School
Posted : 8-6-2012
Hi -

Just thought I would pass along my son  just came home from camp from day #2 and LOVES it. He is having a great time, probably the best camp experience to date. Please pass my Thank You on to Chris! We'll see if we can get another week in later this summer.

Kelly S.
Summer Camps
Posted : 6-5-2013



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