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We believe sports change lives!

Teach, Grow and Achieve with TGA

Golf and tennis promote fitness

All programs include physical activity and muscle development

Golf and tennis are educational

Many lessons use math and science including scoring, distance and shot making

Golf and tennis build life skills

Our programs promote respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship

Golf and tennis are life-long sports

Play with family, friends, colleagues and clients

Swing, volley, and serve!

Discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA

Drive, chip, and putt!

Discover how fun and exciting golf can be with TGA

We Raised $1,100 for Paediatric Palliative Care at ARCH Hospice
Thank You Everyone for Your Support!!

Due to the closure of the Waterfront Centre, summer TENNIS camps have been cancelled.

TGA of SSM And Greater Sudbury
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