We believe sports change lives!

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Golf and tennis promote fitness

All programs include physical activity and muscle development

Golf and tennis are educational

Many lessons use math and science including scoring, distance and shot making

Golf and tennis build life skills

Our programs promote respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship

Golf and tennis are life-long sports

Play with family, friends, colleagues and clients

Swing, volley, and serve!

Discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA

Drive, chip, and putt!

Discover how fun and exciting golf can be with TGA

We Raised $1,100 for Paediatric Palliative Care at ARCH Hospice
Thank You Everyone for Your Support!!

Due to the closure of the Waterfront Centre, summer TENNIS camps have been cancelled.

TGA of SSM And Greater Sudbury



This summer TGA will again be demonstrating our belief that ‘Sports Change Lives’ both on and off the golf courses and tennis courts by supporting paediatric palliative care at ARCH Hospice. Join us this July or August for one of our golf or tennis summer camp options and TGA will donate a portion of the registration fees to ARCH.

ARCH just recently announced that they have broken ground on the expansion of their facilities, which will assist in keeping families together when a paediatric resident is admitted. ARCH has a Comfort Team in place that will customize the room to best comfort the child, right down to paint colours and décor. They will also purchase necessary items such as care supplies and favourite foods in order to provide a personalized and comfortable experience.

We invite you to give your child the advantage of learning and playing golf or tennis this summer in an environment that will benefit them for a lifetime and TGA of SSM will acknowledge your participation this summer with a contribution to ARCH Hospice.


In 2016 TGA of Saut Ste. Marie created their TGA for ARCH charity drive campaign in support of paediatric palliative care at ARCH Hospice. Our inaugural event had us partnering with Crimson Ridge Golf Course and the Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club for #ShorterDrives.

Over the Canada Day weekend in 2016, these golf courses donated a portion of the green fees collected at their respective courses to support TGA’s efforts in recognizing the opening of ARCH’s paediatric palliative care unit. The addition of this unit now allows families within the Algoma District to stay near the comforts and support of home if they are in need of the services provided by ARCH. Prior to May 2o15, families requiring paediatric palliative care were left with no other option but to travel to Toronto or Ottawa for such services.

TGA of SSM owner, Darren Hore and TGA coach Ricky Luciani also collected sponsorships and participated in their own golf marathon over the Canada Day weekend, golfing 108 holes in three days in support of the #ShorterDrives campaign. Between their sponsorships and donations made by the participating golf courses, TGA of Sault Ste. Marie raised $1,100 for ARCH Hospice.