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Our fun and engaging programs uniquely combine athletic skill development, academic learning, and life lessons. Designed to develop the whole person & player, TGA programs foster a commitment to self-development in a non-competitive environment, encouraging, and empowering kids from elementary to high school to Keep Swinging!®

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👁 Eyes on the ball! 
Focus and fun go hand-in-hand at TGA Junior Tennis class.
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Today we’re focusing on our Lob shots and Drop shots.🎾

These two different strokes in tennis is crucial to winning points. Knowing which shot to use and where to place the ball is as important as swing mechanics.

Follow along with Coach Derek and Gabriel as they demonstrates both shots.  Tag us  @TGAPremierSports when you practice your Lob and Drops shots. 

How do you warm up?

Warming up is an important part of our process at TGA. Coach Derek is here to showcase why we warm up before playing tennis alongside two of his go-to footwork exercises.

Don’t forget to tag us @TGAPremierSports when you’re working on your footwork exercises. 

We encourage our TGA athletes to practice not only tennis skills, but also life skills like what it means to be a good sport. 

📹: @tgadouglas 

Four Square Tennis 🎾 is one of our favorite games to play at home. All you need are two racquets, a ball, a playing partner, and markers for the playing area.

Be sure to tag us @TGAPremierSports in your video playing Four Square Tennis for a chance to be featured on our channel.

Skill of the week: Backhand instruction 🎾

A backhand is a stroke in which a tennis racket travels across the player's body, striking the ball with the palm facing towards the chest and the back of the hand moving towards the opponent on the follow-through. In tennis, a backhand stroke can be one-handed or two-handed.

Our TGA athletes practice these skills regularly in our classes. Tag us in photos and videos of your TGA athlete practicing the backhand.