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New Athlete Ambassador
Professional Golfer Danny Guise
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New Athlete Ambassador
Professional Tennis Player Leylah Fernandez
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We believe sports change lives
TGA Programs combine athletics, academics, and life lessons
Drive, chip, and putt!
Discover how fun and exciting golf can be with TGA
Swing, volley, and serve!
Discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA
Cheer, dance, stunt, and jump!
Discover how fun and exciting cheerleading can be with TGA
Pass, catch, run, and defend!
Discover how fun and exciting flag football can be with TGA
Dribble, pass, shoot, and defend!
Discover how fun and exciting floor hockey can be with TGA
Cradle, pass, catch, and defend!
Discover how fun and exciting lacrosse can be with TGA
Mark, catch, and throw!
Discover how fun and exciting Ultimate can be with TGA
Serve, set, block, and spike!
Discover how fun and exciting volleyball can be with TGA

It’s all in the name.

Teach. Grow. Achieve.

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping to introduce kids to sports and providing opportunities to encourage them to KEEP PLAYING!®

We help young players, boys and girls ages 3 to 15, develop a passion for playing and provide a pathway to explore, develop and achieve through sports.

TGA Premier Sports combines athletics, academics and life lessons to create fun and engaging youth programs that teach athletic skill development, promote academic learning and coach young players to make good decisions on the field, course, court and in life.

TEACH: Learn the skills of the game

GROW: Practice to develop skills

ACHIEVE: Achieve through game play

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      We were recently featured in the most recent issue of @golfingmagazine. ⛳️🎾 Our very own franchisee, Kevin Rooney of @tgabcnw shares how he was able to achieve record breaking success.

      Read more in the latest issue of Golfing Magazine or visit the link in our bio.


      Four Square Tennis 🎾 is one of our favorite games to play at home. All you need are two racquets, a ball, a playing partner, and markers for the playing area.

      Be sure to tag us @TGAPremierSports in your video playing Four Square Tennis for a chance to be featured on our channel.


      Skill of the week: Backhand instruction 🎾

      A backhand is a stroke in which a tennis racket travels across the player's body, striking the ball with the palm facing towards the chest and the back of the hand moving towards the opponent on the follow-through. In tennis, a backhand stroke can be one-handed or two-handed.

      Our TGA athletes practice these skills regularly in our classes. Tag us in photos and videos of your TGA athlete practicing the backhand.

      Moms deserve the world and more. ❤️

      Happy Mother's Day from us at TGA Premier Sports.


      Summer is coming up 🌞. Our TGA athletes of all ages are guaranteed to have fun and develop athletic ability, understanding, and enjoyment of sports.

      Sign up for the summer season using the link in our bio.


      Warming up those muscles is an important part of our process before going out on the field to play. 💪

      This is how our athletes at @tgadouglas get started before playing.


      Skill of the week: Chip follow-through ⛳️

      The chip shot is an important shot to practice, as it is commonly used and requires finesse.

      During our classes, we practice this skill frequently. We use the hands of a clock to visualize how far you should typically swing for certain shots. For the chip shot, we aim to swing between 8:00 on the backswing to 4:00 on the follow-through.

      Tag us in photos and videos of your TGA athlete practicing the chip follow-through.

      Skill of the week: Serve Instruction 🎾

      Serving is one of the fundamental tennis skills covered in a TGA class.

      We cover the basics of the toss before moving to underhand serves with beginners and eventually the more advanced overhand serve.

      Coaches use short teaching cues, like "T Check and Fire!" and "Down Together, Up Together, Load and Explode!" to help our junior tennis players remember the motions of the swing.

      Tag us in pictures or videos of your child practicing his or her serve at home and #KeepPlaying.