What began as a single program offered in the hallways of one school in Los Angeles, CA is now a nationwide network of passionate franchise owners. Trusted by families and schools for over 20 years, we are proud to use our platform to ignite a passion for play, develop a love of the game, and empower kids to Keep Swinging!® all while having fun!

In 2021, TGA joined the Youth Athletes United family of brands to advance the mission of positively impacting 1 million kids each year through sports.

We're committed to developing the whole person & player

We believe sports change lives and seek to make our students better players and better people. We strive to teach in ways that promote individual growth and development on and off the field, course, or court.



We help kids realize their athletic potential and utilize sports as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.



We use sports as a vehicle for teaching academic lessons and encourage exploration and learning through playing.


Life Lessons

We develop values that promote individual growth & teamwork by teaching lessons in sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.

Our Team

Dr. Moronke Oshin-Martin

Franchise Owner/Director

After several careers devoted to educating young people and professionals, as a college professor, communications executive, business coach, journalist, and, earlier, as an elementary school teacher, I decided to combine my experiences by joining the TGA (Tennis, Golf and Athletics) family. As a TGA owner, I’m pursuing my passion for sports with a focus on not only promoting health and fitness, but also nurturing social skills development, teamwork, and discipline that sports participation brings to academic performance in children.

I grew up playing sports from an early age. I was an energetic kid who loved to run and jump and climb. Playing sports helped me to release a lot of that energy in a healthy way and develop self-confidence that has served me well since.  In high school I started playing sports competitively.  I played team sports, including field hockey, rounders, and netball. Rounders and netball were the equivalent of baseball and basketball, respectively in Britain, where I grew up. I also played individual sports, including tennis and squash, and I ran track and competed in the long jump. I also learned fencing, and javelin. As a result, I had no time to hang out with friends on the street corner, rather we hung out on the playing fields and at sporting events.

As a parent, I exposed my children to sports early for the same reasons.  They too developed a love of sports, including golf, tennis and pickleball. They also validated the relationship between sports and academics as they were also all “A” students throughout elementary and high school, and college, and are enjoying successful careers. Studies confirm that sports promote learning and help reduce stress.

I wholeheartedly believe that sports change lives. My goal with TGA of Northern Nassau County is to promote the TGA philosophy of combining athletics, academics, and life lessons to provide an unforgettable after school or camp experience for healthier kids at an early age.

Moronke can be reached at moronke@playtga.com.

Nalini Martin

Associate Director /Manager

Nalini plays tennis and has done so from the time that she was two. Nalini grew up around tennis court watching her Mom play and that’s led to an active lifestyle structured around sports. A graduate of Syracuse University, she is a Junior Human Resources Executive and interned with the Mets while in college. She is a recruiter for our coaches and assistants and one of our project managers responsible for the launch and marketing of the Northern Nassau County program.

Jay Martin

Technical Director

Jay Martin is a lifelong athlete who ran track, played soccer, basketball and golf, and still plays recreationally when he gets a chance. Jay graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and grew up in Westchester County, New York.  He is also a financial analyst and speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

David Montesi

Senior Advisor/Business & Motivational Coach

A Veteran, David was a United States Marine Raider and is committed to fitness, athletics and the importance of mind and body. David believes that excellence, coupled with life balance is not just a measure of your success but a mantra for good living and leadership.

An accomplished construction and consulting executive with over 20 years in the industry. He is also the President of Empire Group NYC a leading construction services provider in the tri-state area, nationally and in key international locations.