TGA of Northwest Collin County

“Tales from the Tour” – September 2022

Keep reading for this month’s “Tales from the Tour” segment featuring TGA Professional Athlete Ambassador Danny Guise.

Don’t forget, you can email with a question for Danny, and we will be selecting a few each month for him to answer.


I would have to go with the hole in one I made in competition 2 weeks ago in the DP European Tour event I played out in Portugal. It was my first time experiencing golf over in Europe and it was way different than golf here in the US. It was my 17th hole of the 3rd round, 191 yard 8-iron.

I actually called it in the air which was pretty sweet as well. That’s now my 6th hole in one and 2nd hole in one in a competition (both have been this year).

2. Do you have any “practice at home” tips for families who may not have access to a golf course?

There’s always things you can do at home whether you have access to or course or not. The main thing that you can always work on in the house is putting.

It’s very easy to grab a cup and roll the ball into the cup for different distances, starting close and moving back. I always like to work on my setup at home in front of a mirror. Theres a big difference between “feel” and “real” in this sport so it’s important to always check your setup, grip, posture, and swing positions in a mirror.

3. One of the life lessons we discuss in TGA programs is sportsmanship. Can you share an example of sportsmanship you’ve experienced while playing professionally?

Sportsmanship is a huge thing in professional sports. Golf is a game where you see it a ton. It’s an individual sport and you’re trying to beat the course and all the players in the field so it’s a big time competition. There’s always mutual respect for players within your group so it’s natural to say “nice shot” or “good putt” when your opponent does something well.

A recent great example of sportsmanship happened when I got my hole in one a few weeks ago. The players in my group were all pumped up and congratulating me by high-fiving and fist bumping me as well as the caddies in the group as soon as we all saw the ball go in. I would have done the same if it was someone else who got the hole in one.

4. This one is a two-parter… First, did you play any other sports growing up? If you did, how has that experience affected your golf game?

Yes, when I was younger I played a ton of sports which included golf, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Golf and basketball became the two sports I pursued heavily after middle school though.

It actually was a very difficult decision for me to choose between playing golf or basketball in college. That’s a whole other story in itself. I think it’s super important to play multiple sports growing up. I see way too many kids play one sport at a young age and get burned out very quickly by over playing it.

I found myself being able to take skills from each sport and use them in other sports because there’s similarities between them. Basketball and golf actually have a ton of similarities, especially on the mental side of the game.

I’m a better golfer now because of my basketball background. I do a lot of things athletically in my golf swing and game in general that I believe gives me an advantage over other players.