Our Player Pathway

From introductory programs at schools and community centers to recreational camps and leagues, each of our program offerings represents a step in our Player Pathway to help guide our parents and encourage our students to Keep Playing!®

Youth Sports Player Pathway...
Why Play with TGA?
We incorporate station-based athletic skill development activities, STEAM activities to explore educational concepts through sports, and key life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.
Our programs align with the American Development Model (ADM) created by the U.S. Olympic Committee to help individuals realize their athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.
We use sports as a vehicle for teaching academic lessons. Students participate in STEAM activities that allow them to creatively explore and relate concepts such as history, math, gravity, aerodynamics, and simple machines through the sports they are playing.
Life Lessons
Through sports, we help develop values that promote individual growth and teamwork. By teaching lessons in sportsmanship, perseverance, respect, positive mindset and leadership, our young athletes are encouraged to make good decisions on the field, course, court and in life.

The TGA Way

Introduction To Sports

We offer an introduction to sports in a safe and welcoming environment, helping kids develop both athletic and social skills.

All Abilities Welcome

Our station-based format allows mixed-ability groups to learn and play together, ensuring a quality experience for all students.

Equipment Provided

We provide all equipment necessary to play so there is no additional investment required beyond registration.

Trained Coaches

Our coaches are fully vetted, background checked, and trained on how best to coach children safely and effectively.

Ignite a Passion

Our goal is to ignite a passion for sports and game play while developing the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about each of our enrichment programs, click the sport icon below.

Ways to Play

Our program progression is designed to refine skill, achieve success, promote discovery through play and provide a pathway to Keep Playing!®

After-School Enrichment Programs

6-10 week sessions // 3-4 times per school year

Hosted at pre-k, elementary and middle schools, community centers and parks & recreation locations

Parents enjoy the convenience of programs offered after school, while kids receive an introduction to sports, learn from trained coaches, develop skills, and build passion for the game. 

Designed for all ages and abilities, our curriculum follows a progressive skill development so that students can set goals to achieve and progresses through our five level program at their own pace. In each class students rotate through station-based drills and activities that develop core skills and an understanding of the history, rules, etiquette, and vocabulary of the sport.

Play Days

TGA Play Days are an opportunity for developing athletes to experience social and competitive aspects of sports in a low-pressure setting. The emphasis is on fun and safety as players get a chance to put their skills and knowledge into play.

Play Days are the second point on our player pathway because they are a great next step for anyone who had participated in a TGA Enrichment Program or any young athlete who wants to continue developing their game through organized play.

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"This is an awesome way for children to learn about Golf & Tennis. My son has been going to TGA for the past three years and absolutely loves it. He has learned more about tennis than I could ever teach him and in golf he loves playing in the tournaments.

I have been recommending this program to everyone in my program at Pleasant Union Elementary Before & After School program and I highly recommend that other school's in Wake County jump on board and offer this program at your school.


TGA Premier Sports Camps o­ffer an unforgettable experience for your child by combining athletic skill development activities, academic lessons related to sports, and life lessons in perseverance, sportsmanship, and leadership. Our dedicated coaching sta­ff help campers advance their skills, knowledge, and passion for the sports while they build friendships and life-long memories.

Premier Camps – Focus on develop campers’ skills, knowledge, and passion in one specific sport through specialized instruction and play.

Premier Plus Camps – Allow campers to explore and play multiple sports within the same camp to develop their overall athletic abilities, understanding, and enjoyment of sports.

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"TGA is an incredible program that allows children to learn at their own pace. The teachers are very friendly and they make it fun for the children to learn golf or tennis.

As a director of a Before and After School program, I have a number of children who go to my program and also TGA clinics and all the children enjoy the program so much, they wish it was more than one day a week. My son has enjoyed playing tennis with TGA and wants to do it again this year, for his 4 year in a row. TGA also allows students to help others, which my son is very happy to do this year.


TGA Premier Sports Leagues are the perfect opportunity for established and developing athletes to practice and play in a low-pressure setting that is local and convenient.

League opportunities vary by location so click below to browse available options or contact your local chapter director for more information.

Leagues at Knights Play Golf Center

Parent-Child Golf League (Sundays) – We can’t think of a better way for a parent and child to spend a Sunday afternoon than to be playing a round of golf together. Come join us and make some great lasting memories together out on the golf course!

Details: Sundays |  3:00 PM – 5:00 PM  |  $299 / 7 weeks – View Schedule & Sign Up!

Junior Golf Leagues (Mondays/Tuesdays) – This 7 week league is designed to give junior golfers their first taste of competition in a fun, team-based environment that encourages teamwork and camaraderie. Teams will be comprised of 3 or 4 junior golfers and the format of play each week will be a Team Scramble. All players must have a a parent/caddy age 18+ to accompany them on the course.

Ages 6-10 League: Mondays  |  5:00 PM – 7:00 PM  |  $169 / season – View Schedule & Sign Up!

Ages 11-15 League: Tuesdays  |  5:00 PM – 7:00 PM  |  $179 / season – View Schedule & Sign Up!

"According to both kids they said typical camp they would rate at a 3 this camp was 11, On a scale of 0 to 10 they loved the golf camp. We will definitely be back in the future I will keep an eye on the camp schedules thank you so much."

Other Ways to Play Sports with TGA

  • Private Lessons – perfect for young athletes looking to take their game to the next level through 1-on-1 coaching.
  • Youth Clinics – a great opportunity for players to get additional instruction and practice time in a group setting.
  • Family Sports Events – a chance for the whole family to get involved and play together.
  • Sports-Themed Parties – perfect for birthdays, graduation or any other celebratory event for the youth athlete in your life.

TGA Fitness

This is a new series of programs focusing on utilizing sports & play as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Goal: 

  • To create a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages and abilities to exercise
  • To welcome all fitness levels and meet kids where they are in their fitness journey
  • To increase confidence and athleticism while building social skills and promoting teamwork


In this class we get kids moving with fun, high energy games and team challenges.

  • Warm-up with basic exercises and stretches
  • Games and group activities involving movement, coordination, speed and agility
  • Team-based challenges to promote social skills and problem solving


This total-body fitness class helps young athletes increase their fitness knowledge and technique with fun activities and challenges.

  • Dynamic warm-up with movement-based stretches
  • Perform exercises to build strength in the upper body, lower body and core 
  • Healthy competition to challenge speed, agility, balance, strength and coordination 


Designed to increase athletic ability for any sport with drills used by top professionals to improve in three key areas: agility, conditioning and strength. 

  • Timed drills and structured exercises to increase aerobic capacity and improve cardio performance
  • Short speed drills are used to increase balance, body awareness, footwork and change of direction
  • Focus on proper form and full range of motion for each exercise


Calling all weekend warriors! This fitness event provides a healthy and fun environment to build the skills needed to get race ready and compete to finish the TGA Warrior Course for the best possible time.

Begin with a warm-up that includes running, climbing and functional training exercises needed to get race ready. Next, practice and master a series of stations along the obstacle course. Then, race to complete the obstacle course at the highest level for the best time!