Why Play with TGA

From introductory programs at schools and community centers to recreational camps and leagues, each of our program offerings represents a step in our Player Pathway to help guide our parents and encourage our students to Keep Playing!®

We incorporate station-based athletic skill development activities, STEAM activities to explore educational concepts through sports, and key life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.



Our programs align with the American Development Model (ADM) created by the U.S. Olympic Committee to help individuals realize their athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.


We use sports as a vehicle for teaching academic lessons. Students participate in STEAM activities that allow them to creatively explore and relate concepts such as history, math, gravity, aerodynamics, and simple machines through the sports they are playing.

Life Lessons

Through sports, we help develop values that promote individual growth and teamwork. By teaching lessons in sportsmanship, perseverance, respect, positive mindset and leadership, our young athletes are encouraged to make good decisions on the field, course, court and in life.

Introduction to Sports

We offer an introduction to sports in a safe and welcoming environment, helping kids develop both athletic and social skills.

All Abilities Welcome

Our station-based format allows mixed-ability groups to learn and play together, ensuring a quality experience for all students.

Equipment Provided

We provide all equipment necessary to play so there is no additional investment required beyond registration.

Trained Coaches

Our coaches are fully vetted, background checked, and trained on how best to coach children safely and effectively.

Ignite a Passion

Our goal is to ignite a passion for sports and game play while developing the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Enrichment Programs

6-10 week sessions // 3-4 times per school year

Hosted at pre-k, elementary and middle schools, community centers and parks & recreation locations

Parents enjoy the convenience of programs offered after school, while kids receive an introduction to sports, learn from trained coaches, develop skills, and build passion for the game. 

Designed for all ages and abilities, our curriculum follows a progressive skill development so that students can set goals to achieve and progresses through our five level program at their own pace. In each class students rotate through station-based drills and activities that develop core skills and an understanding of the history, rules, etiquette, and vocabulary of the sport.


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Hosted at golf courses, tennis facilities, parks, and fields

TGA camps offer students of all ages and abilities an opportunity to further develop fundamentals, improve skills, and advance their game in a fun and non-competitive environment. Our sports camps help develop athletic ability, understanding and enjoyment of sports while building confidence, having fun and making friends.

Week-long, half day and full day camps provide parents with flexibility and support during holidays, spring break and the summer months.


Half Day

Fun and engaging way for beginners and younger golfers to learn the fundamentals!

  • 6:1 Ratio
  • Group & Individual Instruction
  • Station-based drills

Full Day

Great way for beginners & intermediate golfers to improve and grow!

  • 5:1 Ratio
  • On-course play
  • Friday skill showcase


Level up & challenging for intermediate to advancing golfers!

  • 4:1 Ratio
  • Individual coaching during on-course play
  • Technology statistics for analysis

"My son had a great week at camp. Everyday he came home with a fun story to tell or positive feedback to share about accomplishments that day. The coaches relate well with the kids. They seem to have positive attitude and enjoy what they are doing."

Christopher Jones, TGA Customer

Skill Building

FUNdamental golf sessions are for beginner golfers! Students learn about the FUNdamentals of golf and its history along with skill development and golf etiquette. Recommended ages 4-6 years of age.

On-Course Readiness continues to build upon the skills you learned in FUNdamentals. With longer program time, advanced drills, this program will get your kids On-Course Ready!

These programs meet once a week.

Each Class Will Include:

  • Rules/Etiquette history
  • Academic Concepts
  • Curriculum based instruction that will continue to build as the weeks go on.
  • Drills/ Games to reinforce fundamental skills.
  • On Course knowledge

Items Each Participant Will Receive:

  • Hand Book
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Hat Clip
  • Free Rental Clubs
  • Other Giveaway Items

These are seasonal series, where kids are given the opportunity to progress through our 5 tier color level program.

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"TGA is very organized, communication is very good, teachers are knowledgeable and relate well to the children. I appreciate that there was foundational knowledge about the rules of the game in addition to the skill development and they taught the children importance of warm ups before exercise. Lifelong skills are being cultivated."

Kerry Jannicelli, TGA Customer

Leagues & Tournaments

Our team-based recreational leagues bring community, sport and families together. Designed for developing athletes to practice and play in a semi-competitive setting while further developing skill, promoting teamwork and building camaraderie.

League opportunities vary by location. Contact your local chapter director for more information.

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"I like the staff to student ratio (i.e. small groups), and I like the character-building aspect of the curriculum. I like how the learning of new skills became fun activities. Enthusiastic, upbeat, friendly, and knowledgeable teachers!"

Emily Johnson, TGA Customer

Clinics & Private Lessons

Private LessonsPerfect for young athletes looking to take their game to the next level with 1-on-1 coaching.

Youth ClinicsA great opportunity for players to receive additional instruction and practice time in a group setting.

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Virtual Programs

Our live virtual classes deliver TGA’s same great content in a fun and modified format, making it easy for parents and fun for kids with all activities, tools, and resources available within a single online portal.

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Other Ways to Play with TGA

Sports-Themed PartiesPerfect for birthdays, graduation or any other celebratory event for the young athlete in your life.

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