TGA of Northern Westchester

Seven New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids

It’s the beginning of the New Year and it’s time for us to reflect on last year and think about new ways we can improve for this year. You guessed where we are going with this; if the title didn’t give it away… New Year’s resolutions. Creating resolutions with your kids is a fun way to get them involved and set goals for themselves this new year. In fact, goal-setting is incredibly beneficial for children as it encourages responsibility and mindful decision-making.

When you and your child are making New Year’s resolutions it’s important that kids make resolutions that are both realistic and valuable, which is easier said than done. Don’t fret though, we came up with a list of resolution ideas for kids of different ages that will give them something to work towards. Suggest a few of these ideas to your toddler, preschooler, or grade-schooler, or use them as inspiration to make your own.


  • I will try at least one bite of everything on my plate; including the vegetables. Through our TGA programs we share how food is the fuel and energy source for your body and how some foods give more energy than others.
  • I will do 5-minutes of stretching every morning to start the day. 
  • I will put away the toy I’m playing with before I take out another.

Grade Schooler

  • I will invite someone new to play with me at recess. Playground social dynamics can be rough, which is why a resolution that encourages inclusivity and steers your kid away from cliques is always a good idea. TGA programs teach kids the importance of teamwork allowing kids to play with others and create new friendships.
  • I will clear my own dishes after dinner. A little help can go a long way.
  • I will practice a sport once a day. Sports lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and research has shown that learning a sport does amazing things for the developing brain. Whether your child is interested in one or multiple sports, daily practice will teach discipline and help build confidence. TGA classes help kids learn the fundamentals of different sports allowing them to build skills and create new passions that can last a lifetime.
  • I will replace an hour of screen time with a non-screen activity every day.