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Coach of the Year

The Coach of the Year awards are a way for us to recognize and celebrate the best of the best within the TGA Premier Sports family. Coaches can be nominated for the awards by their Chapter Director, their fellow coaches, and by students/parents who they have impacted through TGA Premier Sports programs.

2018 Coach of the Year EmblemThe coaches who have been nominated meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Consistently running high-quality programs that provide a great experience for all participants
  • Making a positive and lasting impact on participants inside and outside of programs
  • Championing TGA’s values and being a positive role model for participants
  • Incorporating innovative coaching ideas or practices into programs
  • Supporting fellow coaches and the Chapter Director to run great TGA programs

Congratulations to our Winners!

Nick Bruce, TGA of Southeast Michigan

Nick, then a junior in high school, started working for TGA in the fall of 2012. Since then, he’s risen from an assistant coach to lead instructor and summer camp director. His high-energy makes him a class favorite among his
students as well as their parents. Check out a few parent testimonials about how Nick has impacted their child’s experience with TGA.

“Nick was very thorough, patient, and inspiring. Excellent teacher!”

“Coach Nick and the staff are great with the kids, they learn a lot and have a great time!”

“Coach Nick has excellent classroom management skills and his passion for golf carries through to his students.”

Tracy Housden, TGA of West Virginia

Tracy was one of the first coaches to join TGA when programs started in West Virginia nearly three years ago.

Her love of tennis and commitment to it has led to consistent growth in participation numbers,

allowing more kids than ever to experience the sport. Tracy has left a memorable impact on the families she works with. Here are a few testimonials from parents of students she has introduced to the game.

“I love coach Tracy and the program!”

“We had a wonderful experience and we are definitely going to do it again!”

“Having such friendly coaches made the experience so enjoyable. “

Cheyenne Cromer, TGA of Greater Seattle, WA

Cheyenne has excelled in creating a fun learning environment that welcomes newcomers. She goes above and beyond to engage her community and grow the sport she loves: cheerleading. Her goal is to help motivate athletes to do their personal best while having fun. In her
own words,

“Coaching is more than teaching a child how to complete certain motions, learn words to a cheer or count by 8 to a rhythm. Through the sport of cheerleading, I am teaching these young children life skills that will stay with them throughout their life journey. I am teaching them how to overcome their personal challenges.”


Honorable Mentions

Karson Baer, TGA of North Houston, TX
Jessica Blaire, TGA of Beach Cities, CA
Tim Bower, TGA of East Orlando, FL
Alexis Brooks, TGA of Gwinnett County, GA
Jennifer Casteel, TGA of Tarrant County, TX
Katherine Cohen, TGA of Douglas County, CO
Fred Ferber, TGA of Bergen County, NJ
Liam Ferguson, TGA of Mercer County, NJ
Morgan Gragg, TGA of Tarrant County, TX
Marc Honigsberg, TGA of Douglas County, CO
Merle Hunter, TGA of North Houston, TX
Marissa Lancaster, TGA of Northwest Collin County, TX
Cliff Legaux, TGA of Beach Cities, CA
Todd Loveland, TGA of Boise, ID
Ruben Martinez, TGA of Coachella Valley, CA
Grayson Reitz, TGA of Bergen County, NJ
Sekou Rolland, TGA of Greater Seattle, WA
Paul Schooler Jr., TGA of Wake County, NC
John Taylor, TGA of Gwinnett County
Kiara Williams, TGA of Beach Cities, CA
Anastassiya Zherdeva, TGA of Douglas County, CO


Winners will receive a deluxe equipment pack and gift card.

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