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Empower Your Child Through Golf

Whether this is the first exposure to golf or you’re looking to take your child’s game to the next level, we have a program to fit your needs.  TGA has developed a Junior Golf Player Pathway to help guide families through the journey of learning and playing this amazing sport.

The pathway consists of four core TGA programs which are progressive in their skill level, knowledge requirements and challenges; yet also complimentary to one another so children can participate in all four programs throughout the year to continue developing and refining their game.

The common entry points for new players are through our instruction-based Golf Enrichment Programs and Golf Camps before moving on to Play Days and Leagues which focus on gaining on-course experience in a low-pressure setting.  To learn more about each type of program, click on the icons below.

Junior Golf Player Pathway...
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Why golf?
Health Benefits

Playing an 18-hole course you walk around 5 miles and burn around 2000 calories.

Low Injury Risk

Being a non-impact sport greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Tactical Thinking

Developing shot strategies and applying concepts from geometry and physics.

Etiquette & Manners

Golf promotes these concepts.

Social & Life Skills

Build friendships and practice honesty and sportsmanship.

Life-Long Sport

Handicaps allow golfers of all ages and abilities to play together.

Enrichment Programs

TGA brings our acclaimed enrichment programs to the places your children already spend time: schools, community centers, parks & recreation facilities, childcare centers, and more.  Classes are before or after the school day and our station-based format keeps students engaged and active as they learn.

All TGA Enrichment Programs Feature:

Physical Activity

Students are active throughout class participating in a dynamic warm-up, skill developments drills, and games or performances.


TGA provides all equipment making it easy for everyone to participate.

Station-Based Instruction

Students rotate through drills and activities that develop core skills and understanding of the sport rules and etiquette.


Students participate in interactive labs to explore academic concepts such as gravity, force, and spin through sports.

Life Lessons

Coaches promote important life lessons including sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.

Golf Enrichment Programs

Tee it up at golf class and discover how fun and exciting golf can be with TGA!

  • Maximum student to coach ratio of 10:1 maintains a safe and fun environment.
  • Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, putting, chipping and full-swing.
  • Students participate in STEAM labs that allow them to explore academic concepts like gravity, force, and spin through the game.
  • Golf is an individualistic sport so each player progresses through our five level program at their own pace – click on each color level below for additional details.
Yellow Level
Learn the fundamentals
  • Golf skills: swing fundamentals and proper setup
  • Rules & etiquette: shaking hands and playing with others
  • Academics: golf vocabulary and introduction to scoring
  • Life skills: sportsmanship and honesty
Orange Level
Practice your skills
  • Golf skills: understanding ball position and making consistent contact with the ball
  • Rules & etiquette: navigating the course and learning the parts of the golf club
  • Academics: understanding yardage and calculating distance
  • Life skills: respect and responsibility
Red Level
Prepare for the course
  • Golf skills: developing a balanced swing and consistently getting the ball airborne
  • Rules & etiquette: how to treat a ball once in play and player regulations
  • Academics: history and geography associated with the game and tournaments
  • Life skills: courtesy and positive attitude
Blue Level
Master your skills
  • Golf skills: developing ball control and shot-making
  • Rules & etiquette: the importance of the “honor system” on the course
  • Academics: understanding force and speed associated with different shots
  • Life skills: cooperation and perseverance
Black Level
Play like a pro
  • Golf skills: advanced concepts like club head acceleration and club selection
  • Rules & etiquette: understanding markers, drops, penalties and playing formats
  • Academics: applying math and science to develop shot strategies
  • Life skills: leading by example for your peers
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Play Days – Put the Skills into Play on the Course

TGA Golf Play Days are an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to experience the social and competitive aspects of golf in a low-pressure setting.  The emphasis is on fun and safety as players get a chance to put their skills and knowledge into play on the golf course.  Parents are often invited to join their child as a caddy, but please check the details page of the event for specific rules at each course.

Play Days are a great next step for children who have participated in TGA Golf Enrichment Programs and any young player who wants to get on-course experience to continue developing their game.


Find a Program Near You
"My son has thoroughly enjoyed the TGA Junior Golf Program, he was a true beginner and now has a real love of the sport. The after school program is very well run and the coaches are excellent. This year we tried the summer camp and he had his first go on a real course and he is truly hooked. All around a great experience."
Aldan Moore, TGA Customer

Camps – Build Skills and Friendships

TGA Golf Camps are all about providing an unforgettable experience for your child by combining expert instruction, course play and exciting activities that keep them active and entertained throughout the camp. Our dedicated coaching staff and low camper to coach ratios provide ample individual attention and instruction tailored to your child’s skill level. Campers build friendships and life-long memories as they improve their game through activities such as station-based swing instruction, on-course play with coaches, rules and etiquette lessons, fun games, trivia challenges and academic lessons including STEM.

TGA Golf Camps will foster your child’s skills and passion for the game and are a great next step for anyone who has participated in a TGA Golf Enrichment Program. TGA Golf Camps are conducted during times that school is not in session including summer, winter and spring break as well as furlough and early-dismissal days.

Find a Program Near You
"The entire TGA professional staff has been very friendly and encouraging. My son received excellent golf training and progressed rapidly. He has participated in many sports programs, and we rate this the best one of all."
Michael Williams, TGA Customer

Leagues – Friendly Competition Fosters Growth

TGA Golf Leagues offer the perfect opportunity for beginning and established junior golfers to practice and play in a low-pressure setting that is local and convenient. Our inclusive format allows each player to contribute to the team on every hole so golfers of all abilities can develop their skills and prepare for competitive junior tours or high school teams.

  • Co-ed teams formed after a skill-based tryout.
  • Teams meet for practice before matches begin.
  • Weekly matches are either match play or stroke play depending on the division.*
  • Players develop friendships and valuable skills including teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Parent volunteer opportunities available, please contact us for details!

TGA Junior Golf Leagues are a great next step for players who have developed the fundamentals of their game through TGA Golf Enrichment Programs or TGA Golf Camps and want to apply those skills on the course in a friendly competition setting.

Parent Guide FAQ Results
"The instructors really tailored the program to young kids. There was a whole lot of instruction and technique, but they made it so fun! My daughter learned so much. Some kids' programs are either too fun/not enough learning or too strict/no enough fun. This program struck the balance exactly right."
Mary Thompson, TGA Customer

Other Ways to Play Golf with TGA

  • Private Golf Lessons – perfect for juniors looking to take their game to the next level through 1-on-1 coaching.
  • Youth Golf Clinics – a great opportunity for players to get additional instruction and practice time in a group setting.
  • Adult Golf Clinics – designed for adults of all skill levels to improve their golf skills and knowledge in a group setting.
  • Tournaments/Family Events – a chance for the whole family to get involved and hit the course together.
  • Golf-themed Parties – perfect for birthdays, graduations or any other celebratory event for the junior golfer in your life.
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Frequently Asked Question About Golf Enrichment Class

Does my child need golf experience to take a TGA afterschool golf class?
No previous golf experience is necessary. This youth development program is designed to introduce PK-8th grade students to golf on their school campuses with age appropriate instruction that is dynamic and retainable. The curriculum was designed by golf professionals and education experts to include lesson plans that are fun, safe and effective.
Does my child need his/her own golf clubs to participate in a TGA afterschool golf class?
No, TGA will provide all necessary equipment including appropriately sized clubs, reduced-flight safe golf balls, mats, props and any additional materials.
What will my child learn in a TGA class?
The TGA curriculum has been honed by leading golf and education specialists to include a mix of educational components, physical fitness and golf skills, character development initiatives and life lessons. Each member of the coaching staff is screened and certified to help guide your child through the five levels of the TGA program. For more information on each level, visit the After School Enrichment page.
Where are classes held?
Classes are conducted year-round, indoors and out, on concrete or grass, depending on the space available at each location. Specific class details can be found on the Schedules & Registration page.
Does my child need to bring/wear anything specific to TGA golf class?
Each week students are encouraged to bring their TGA student handbook and TGA hat, both of which are provided as a part of the Yellow Level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Leagues

What are the age ranges for the league?
Most TGA Golf Leagues are open to students between 6 and 15 years of age. Some courses may impose additional age restrictions so please click "Sign Up Today" to check the age restrictions for the league you're interested in.
Can my child play with his/her friend?
We will do our best to accommodate all requests. Please contact the Chapter Director with any pairing request once you have completed registration.
My child has not attended a TGA after school program, are they able to participate?
Absolutely! We do ask that each child has learned the fundamentals including grip, stance and swing and have a general understanding of the golf course. Please contact your Chapter Director if you have any questions or would like to find out how your child can become ready to participate in the league.
Will my child play in every event?
Yes, and they have the opportunity to contribute with nearly every shot.
How long will an event take?
Each match is 9 holes, and should take between two and three hours. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time.
Will I be able to spectate?
Most facilities allow spectators. Please be aware of play occurring around you.
Can I caddie for my child?
We encourage parents to caddie for their child.
Can I assist with the league administration?
Yes, each team will have a Team Parent which is responsible for the 4-player team. Parents can also help out during tryouts and matches. Please contact your Chapter Director for more information.