Help Your Community with these Earth Day Activities

At TGA, we help children reduce screen time and increase green time by being active & having fun outdoors! Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to embrace this idea, get outdoors, and do something positive for the environment and our communities. One way to make a difference is by participating in activities that help clean up local parks and sports fields. Access to clean, safe locations where our kids can play is paramount to a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are a few Earth Day activities that can help clean up these areas.

Trash Pickup:

One of the simplest ways to clean up a park or sports field is to organize a trash pickup. Gather a group of volunteers, provide gloves and trash bags, and spend a few hours picking up litter. This activity not only cleans up the area, but it also promotes community involvement and raises awareness about the impact of litter on the environment.

Recycling Drive:

Many parks and sports fields lack proper recycling facilities. To help reduce the amount of waste in the area, organize a recycling drive. Collect recyclable materials like plastic bottles, cans, and paper, and take them to a local recycling facility.

Plant Trees:

Trees play a crucial role in our environment. They absorb carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, and help regulate the temperature. Planting trees in a park or sports field can help beautify the area and create a habitat for wildlife. Organize a tree planting event with a local conservation organization, gardening club, or Parks & Recreation Department.

Organize a Cleanup Competition:

A friendly competition can motivate people to participate in cleaning up the area. Organize a cleanup competition between groups or individuals, and award prizes for the most trash collected or the most creative use of recycled materials.

Volunteer to Help with Field Maintenance:

Coming out of the winter season, community athletics programs across the country are getting ready to launch their spring seasons. Most of the organizations are volunteer based and rely on the help of families to prepare their fields and facilities. Reach out to a local organization and see if you can join their field clean-up efforts.
Participating in these activities can help make a positive impact on the environment and raise awareness about the importance of keeping our parks and sports fields clean. Remember, every little action can make a big difference!