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TGA & Perseverance
2nd May 2018

Life Lessons: Perseverance

TGA’s goal is to lay the foundation for well-rounded athletes, which involves combining academics, athletics, and life lessons in our programs. Instilling these concepts from a young age, specifically sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership, has many benefits that are applicable throughout life. We interviewed students from around our network to discuss perseverance.


“To put forth your best effort and remain positive.
To improve your skills, practice, and play with determination.”

Perseverance is integral to success in all kinds of activities. From recreational and competitive sports to academics and hobbies, all ages must persevere through various obstacles to succeed. The topic is introduced on day one and emphasized throughout all stations and games. TGA students are expected to put forth their best effort while remaining positive and determined to improve their skills. See how some of our students explain what perseverance means to them.

Noah Perseverance“Saying to yourself in your brain ‘I can do it! Never give up!’

– Noah
TGA of Southeast Michigan, MI Golf Student


Charlotte Perseverance“I know if I can persevere, I can explode and be the greatest.”

– Charlotte
TGA of San Fernando Valley, CA Tennis Student


Will Perseverance“To try many things, even though they may be difficult.”

– Will
TGA of Orlando, FL Golf Student


Perseverance can be taught (!) You can succeed by setting goals, increasing effort, and developing a GROWTH MINDSET. Perseverance helps kids to learn from failures and take risks trying new things. To understand what that means in a real-life situation in class we set age and skill appropriate challenges to encourage kids to achieve more. Check out a few creative ways our students practice perseverance.

Jazmyn Perseverance“During tennis, it’s knowing that even though it would be hard, I can still make it through. At home, I like to cook, and I know new tools can be difficult, but I still work hard.”

– Jazmyn
TGA of Tucson, AZ Tennis Student


Edwin Perseverance“Inside TGA class I try my best on every swing and try to improve my swing. Outside I make sure I strive to finish my classwork.”

– Edwin
TGA of Silicon Valley, CA Golf Student


Quinn Perseverance“When I’m trying to putt from a long distance, I keep trying until I get it in the hole. In soccer, I keep practicing a rainbow kick and will keep trying until I do it!”

– Quinn
TGA of Southwest Pittsburgh, PA Golf Student

Perseverance can best be defined by our motto “Keep Playing!™” We asked some students why they want to keep playing their favorite sport. Take a look and if you haven’t yet, take a moment to discuss perseverance with your child.

Perseverance Quotes