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Kicking Off Football Season
28th August 2018

Got football fever? We sure do.

Flag Football Drill

At TGA, we have a safe, non-contact way for your kids to experience all of the fun and life lessons that come along with playing a team oriented sport like football. We’ll teach them how to throw like Aaron Rodgers, run like Todd Gurley, and catch like Antonio Brown without the worry of full-contact injuries.

Our coaches have the knowledge and experience to help your child learn the proper techniques of defending and pulling flags in addition to offensive skills like throwing and catching. Flag football requires teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance for success, which is why our coaches love working with students in a team setting.

Classes are broken into three important parts that may sound familiar: Teach, Grow, Achieve. In the ‘teach’ portion,  students warm up and learn about a specific skill, such as running routes. This is where our coaches emphasize proper technique that will stay with your child throughout his or her progression.

During the ‘grow’ part of class, students rotate through stations where they can work on improving the skills they just learned.

Finally, our students see what they can ‘achieve’ at the end of every class through a group game. This is a great way for your child to see all the hard work pay off — and have fun doing it.

If your son or daughter is begging you to let them play football, start them out with flags. Find a flag football program near you and get playing today!