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Lesson Spotlight: G.A.S.P.
15th August 2018

Everyone needs a little help remembering this from time to time. That’s why at TGA, we make things as simple as possible for our students.

One of the best examples of this comes at the very beginning of our golf programs. The first lesson we teach our students is how to properly setup over the golf ball. We use the acronym G.A.S.P. — which stands for GRIP, AIM, STANCE, POSTURE.

GASP Diagram

Whether your child is in one of our after school enrichment programs or summer camps, G.A.S.P. is reinforced time and again to make sure the importance of a proper pre-shot routine hits home with the kids. Repetition is the key to golf, as it is with most other sports. We help kids remember an effective routine using G.A.S.P. and take that first step to becoming a successful golfer.

We use simple phrases as cues within each step of G.A.S.P. to ensure the students are not only performing the proper steps, but also creating something repeatable. Some of our fun cues include ‘Hot Dog in a Bun’ for grip and ‘Bend, Bow, Balance’ for stance, among others. We also incorporate games, such as races to see who can get properly set up the fastest.

Each concept doesn’t end at the setup of a regular shot, either. The same things can be implemented on the putting green when standing over the ball. One of the most common mistakes coaches see with beginners putting is improper aim. If students are positioned and aimed properly, their success rate goes ay up. It’s the simple things that take students to the next level.

The best part about perfecting your pre-shot routine? You don’t have to be at a golf course to do so. You can take practice swings in the backyard or driveway.

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